Google Pixel Buds 3 could arrive in April to battle AirPods 3

Google Pixel Buds 3 could build upon the Pixel Buds 2
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Google could reveal a follow-up to the Pixel Buds 2 sometime next month, potentially ushering in improved wireless earbuds to tackle the upcoming AirPods 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

That’s going by a tweet by regular tech leaker Jon Prosser, who said “new Pixel Buds” could be coming “mid-April.” The leaker didn’t make it clear where he received this information, so take it with a healthy pinch of skepticism, but there’s still a good chance of new Pixel Buds coming soon-ish. 

The Google Pixel Buds 2 was released last April, so a 12-month gap between it and a new set of earbuds does fit a standard tech refresh cadence. We rated the second-generation pair of Pixel Buds rather highly thanks to its boosted audio quality, attractive design, fast charging and very impressive Google integration. 

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So far we’ve heard very little about what could be the Google Pixel Buds 3. We’d hope a new set of Google-made truly wireless earbuds would tackle the previous model's issues, such as subpar battery life. And we’d like to see the earbuds deliver better wireless call quality. 

Active noise cancellation (ANC) could be added into the mix as well, as this is something the Pixel Buds 2 lacks in comparison to the AirPods Pro, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and Jabra Elite Active 75t.

That being said, the Google Pixel Buds 2 could remain the search giant’s mainstream earbuds, while these new headphones could be a 'Pro' variant. 

We’re in the realms of pure speculation here, but the Pixel Buds Pro, as we’ll call them, could come with features like a heart rate monitor and other wellness-centric features, as well as ANC, improved audio, and even more smart Google Assistant-based features. 

Of course, this leak could be utter nonsense. But there have been murmurs of a Google Pixel 5a on its way, and Google has previously released products in the Spring. So we’d not be overly surprised if a new pair of Pixel Buds got revealed next month alongside the Pixel 5a. Stay tuned to Tom’s Guide for all the latest Google product news.  

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