Google Meet is fixing the worst thing about video calls

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(Image credit: Google)

One of the biggest problems with video calls is when someone freezes mid-sentence. But Google has a plan to make those interruptions less frequent. Google Meet is set to get upgrades to help improve video call quality for people with low-bandwidth connections. 

In the coming months, Google Meet will work better on inconsistent internet connections, as well as receive a suite of features to help teachers manage virtual classes. 

Google's announcement honed in on how Meet upgrades will benefit educators battling with remote virtual lessons amidst the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdowns it has caused, but the new features can benefit others as well. 

Given not everyone has access to a high-speed internet connection, choppy video calls can be commonplace, especially in large meetings. This is something Tom's Guide has experienced ourselves. 

Improving how Google Meet works on low-bandwidth connections promises to make using the video call service a much smoother experience for people with inconsistent internet connections or spotty Wi-Fi. 

Improved support for lower bandwidth connections is not the only new feature coming to Meet in the coming months. 

Improved integration between Meet and Google Classroom, emoji reactions that extended beyond virtually raising your hand, and stronger mute controls are all coming to Meet in the not-too-distant future. While these upgrades will help with virtual classes, they could benefit other Meet meetings as well, helping keep people fatigued with video calls be a little more engaged. 

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