FluentPet lets your dog text you with the touch of a button

A dog, Bunny, surrounded by FluentPet buttons
(Image credit: FluentPet)

We all talk to our dogs as though we're having an actual conversation with them, and that could finally be the case after FluentPet’s offering at CES 2023

While I would have preferred something like the talking collar from Disney’s Up, FluentPet has devised a series of buttons to let your dog communicate their needs and wants. Though if your pooch is like mine, it doesn’t take a genius to know he wants food. 

You may already have seen a number of viral videos of dogs hitting buttons on hexagonal tiles to say words like “play” and “outside.” But thanks to the newly unveiled Fluentpet Connect, pet owners can link their Fluentpet buttons to an App on their phone. 

Receiving notifications from your dog may seem like science fiction, but FluentPet is designed for dogs to build up their “vocabulary” gradually so they can communicate clearly with you. No matter whether they want food, a run, a play, or just a cuddle. It’s best to start with one button, usually to go “outside” but some clever canines, like co-founder Alexis Devine’s dog Bunny, can now use over 100 different buttons to communicate.

Since the app notifies you no matter where you are, users don’t have to keep an ear open for the sound. This could be a great system in various situations, like those working from a home office, while the dog sits downstairs. A few people that are far more patient and optimistic than I am have even managed to train cats to use the system. 

With the aim of launching by late February 2023, pre-orders are now available for the starter kit. That includes six buttons, each of which lets users record their own sound, three tiles, and the central speaker. At $159 (around £140 / AU$235) it’s more expensive than your average chew toy, but if you’ve always wanted your dog to slide into your DMs now’s your chance, that way you can talk to your best friend in a whole new way. 

Andy Sansom
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