Doctor Strange 2 post-credits scenes: Who did we just meet?

Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange in the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness trailer
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We've just seen Doctor Strange 2's post-credits scenes and since you could be coming to this from different points of view, we're more than happy to help you out. So, we've got the information in a spoiler-free version and a more detailed spoiler-full version — so you can know how long to stay and what just happened.

And to be honest, these scenes aren't exactly ... well, that great for most fans. Some will probably pop for the first one, and some will be amused. That's become Marvel's M.O.: it loves to tease the future and give us a chuckle. Nothing's exactly reinventing the wheel here, and it's not like the Eternals post-credits scene when Harry freaking Styles showed up. 

So, here's the details on Doctor Strange 2's post credits scenes, in both spoiler-free and spoiler-full versions.

How many Doctor Strange 2 post-credits scenes are there? 

Doctor Strange 2 has two post-credits scenes. 

The first comes after the stylized credits that have the look and feel of the film, you know, the ones that kinda felt like Stranger Things marketing materials. 

The second Doctor Strange 2 post-credits scene comes after a set of more traditional credits. The white text on black background crawl. After you see that scene, you can leave without feeling like you'll miss something.


What happened in the Doctor Strange 2 post-credits scenes?

In the first scene: Doc was just walking down the street and he was accosted by a woman who could tear space and time open in Earth-616? Well, that was Clea, also known as Doctor Clea Strange, played by Charlize Theron. We bet we'll see her in an upcoming Marvel movie. Want to see more? Charlize Theron just shared first stills of her MCU character online.

Not only is Clea a sorceress, but in the comics she was a lover and wife of Doctor Stephen Strange. She even took the title of Sorcerer Supreme.

Oh, and about Stephen Strange's third eye? What If ...? fans may recognize that look from the evil Strange Supreme. There's also Sinister Strange. Either way, the third eye doesn't portend positive things for Doctor Strange. Or it's just a very bad side effect of inhabiting the dead body of yourself in another universe.

In the second scene: Pizza Poppa himself (played by Bruce Campbell) is finally free from the curse that makes him keep hitting himself. Good times.

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