Dell XPS 15 2020 leak reveals a MacBook Pro killer

Dell XPS 15
(Image credit: Future)

A redesigned Dell XPS 15 looks to be on its way, with a new display design, top-firing speakers and an IR camera, which could blow MacBook Pro 2020 machines out of the water. 

The new Dell XPS 13 is already out, which normally suggests the 15-inch model will get a similar redesign. And thanks to leaked images posted on the Korea Energy Agency Efficiency Standardization Certification Center website, it looks like a redesigned XPS 15 will get a lot of the slick design cues of its smaller sibling. 

Most notably is the display will have minimal bezels, thanks to Dell making use of a small webcam in the top bezel and shaving down the bottom bezel that used to take up a decent amount of space in the older XPS 15. The InfinityEdge display on previous XPS machine was impressive, but a 15-inch true edge-to-edge screen might set a new standard for laptops in the 15-inch range. 

Speaking of webcams, the camera in this news XPS 15 uses a camera module rather than a circular lens, which suggests it could come with an IR sensor to allow for Windows Hello facial recognition, something older XPS laptops have been missing, despite the biometric security feature being uses in the likes of the Surface Laptop 3

Dell XSP 15 design leak

(Image credit: Imgur)

Another major change to the established XPS 15 design: the leaked images show the new XPS 15 will have upward-firing speakers, much like the MacBook Pro 16-inch. For some time Apple has equipped its MacBook models with very impressive speakers, but the new XPS 15 could potentially steal the laptop audio crown from Apple.

The trackpad also appears to be a lot larger than that on the current XPS 15, similar to the Force Touch trackpad found on MacBook Pros. Given that Apple's trackpad is one of the best around, the new XPS 15 looks to have drawn its inspiration from that, and a larger and hopefully responsive trackpad on the XPS 15 would certainly boost its appeal.

It’s not easy to spot in the images, but it looks like Dell has put the power button for the XPS 15 into the keyboard. While this makes for a more minimalist and sleek design, it could end up with people accidentally hitting the power button as opposed to the key they wanted to hit, thanks to an unfamiliar design.

There’s no word on a release date, but these images show Dell has the XPS 15 pretty much ready to go, so we would not be surprised to see it get an official launch some point in the next month or so.

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