Best Buy RTX 3080 cards will be available in-store Friday, including Founders Editions

Line of people wearing masks waiting outside to enter Best Buy store in Montreal, Canada.
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It's official. Best Buy will have RTX 30 Series graphics cards in stock on Friday, October 1. The Best Buy RTX 3080 restock will take place in select stores nationwide. Locations include California, Alabama, New Jersey, Maine, and more. You'll find the full list of stores via Best Buy's blog post

PC gamers have had a difficult time acquiring Nvidia’s latest generation of ray-tracing enabled GPU’s, like the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080, thanks to scalpers and miners. This GPU shortage has been so bad that gaming laptops as of late have become a fairly approachable value proposition. Historically, gaming laptops charge a premium for their form factor and for coming pre-built, much like pre-assembled desktop PCs. 

The rumor — which turned out to be true — was first reported by our sister-site PC Gamer and Twitter account GPURestock.  

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A follow-up tweet by GPURestock stated that tickets would be given out Friday, October 1st between 7:00 and 8:00 AM local time. If you’re hoping to snag a card from this restock, you will reportedly have to visit the store in person and wait in line. A Best Buy employee will then hand out one ticket to everybody in line, which is only good for one GPU per person. 

Keep in mind that stock will vary from store to store. Not every location may have every Founder’s Edition RTX variant. Some comments underneath GPURestock’s original tweet show different results with one user’s store only having RTX 3060’s. It’d be safe to check the app yourself before considering whether it’s worth driving to your local Best Buy. It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to call ahead and speak with a store associate before camping out overnight.

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