Apple Watch X reportedly coming with game-changing health feature

Apple Watch Ultra
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An innovative device called Apple Watch X could be in the works to mark the 10th generation of Apple’s smartwatch division. According to a new report, the mysterious Apple Watch X looks to usher in major upgrades, including the debut of a long-rumored health sensor.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported in his Power On newsletter that Apple could release Apple Watch X “either in 2024 or 2025.” The device will apparently be far from an incremental change, showcasing features such as a MicroLED display and blood pressure monitoring technology.

It has been several years since we first heard the rumor about an Apple Watch with a blood pressure reader. The most recent health-related update suggested Apple’s efforts are focused on blood glucose readings for a future watch instead. But back in April 2022, Gurman tipped 2024 as the year Apple would target for its blood pressure tool after facing some setbacks. 

Accuracy was cited as a problem more than once. The FDA's non-invasive blood pressure monitor guidance outlines a number of necessary tests and proof of accuracy needed for consumer products. 

But if approved, the Apple Watch X would join a handful of other devices approved for wrist-based blood pressure readings. Though traditional blood pressure cuffs would still be considered most accurate, the option to take quick readings from any location could be game-changer. It could tip a user off to possible issues before they escalate.

We already considered the Apple Watch a true health-monitoring device. Between AFib detection, high or low heart rate alerts, skin temperature readings and blood oxygen sensing, the Apple Watch can tell you a lot about your body. What’s more, it can present the information in a way that’s easy to share with doctors, if needed.

The addition of a blood pressure monitor would take things one step further. According to the CDC, nearly half of all adults experience high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. That makes for a very large population of people who could benefit from fast and accessible readings. 

It would be especially significant if the Apple Watch’s version of the tool could take preventative background readings for those users who need to keep a close eye on their blood pressure. 

Apple Watch X outlook

Given the original Apple Watch was revealed in 2014, 2024 means 10 years of Apple Watch. As was the case for the iPhone X, Apple could be planning a major overhaul to celebrate how far its smartwatch has come.

If the Apple Watch X is truly coming next year with sweeping changes (namely blood pressure monitoring) it seems likely that the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 will be minor refreshes. 

In fact, if the family of Apple Watch devices slated for the yet-to-be-confirmed Apple September event is simply an iterative update, it could be a clue that more substantial upgrades are around the corner. 

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