Apple Watch 7 tipped for huge battery life boost

Apple Watch 7 leak
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Apple will hold a major product event in September, likely announcing the Apple Watch 7. But that hasn’t stopped top Apple analysts from weighing in, shedding details on what we can expect from the best smartwatch series out right now. 

Rumors suggest Apple Watch Series 7 will focus less on new health features. Instead, renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo indicates there’s a major redesign in the offing this year, which could be more about extending the device's battery life, and bringing Apple Watch in line with rival Android devices.

Along with a flat-edged design that Apple has adopted in iPad Pro and the iPhone 12, the company may bring in a smaller processor, according to MacRumors. Reports suggest Apple will use System in Package tech from its Taiwanese supplier ASE Technology to make a double-sided S7 processor. That would free up some space, perhaps for a larger battery.

That seems a more likely immediate result of a smaller processor than Apple packing in additional health sensors. Reports suggest that it will focus more on health in future models, where we could see the likes of an optical sensor for blood glucose monitoring and a body temperature sensor. 

The Apple Watch Series 6 runs for up to 18 hours on a single charge given moderate use, according to the company. That timeframe hasn't really changed from the first Apple Watch. Other smartwatches have touted long battery life as a selling point. Fitbit, for instance, says the Versa 3 can run for over six days without needing to recharge. 

There are other solid reasons for Apple to upgrade the battery, as MacRumors points out. Those who've been hanging onto an old Apple Watch for several years will surely have noticed their battery life has dwindled over time. If Apple can promote a watch that has a battery life of two days or even longer, that might make the Series 7 a more appealing upgrade. 

Reports suggest Apple may make the next Watch marginally thicker to accommodate an increased battery size. It remains to be seen whether the display will be larger too.

Along with the possibility of a smaller processor and bigger battery, Apple is expected to bring several other advancements to Apple Watch Series 7. The device will likely have an improved U1 Ultra Wideband chip for better Find My location monitoring, thinner bezels and a display that's closer to the surface. 

Those don’t seem like massively important changes for most consumers. But if the company can boost the Apple Watch Series 7 battery life significantly, that should make it more of an enticing prospect for smartwatch holdouts. 

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