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Apple TV Plus Launches Nov. 1 for $4.99, 1 Year Free with New Apple Device

(Image credit: Apple)

At its Sept. 10 iPhone 11 event, Apple showed off a trailer for the Jason Momoa-led See before CEO Tim Cook finally spilled the beans on Apple TV Plus' pricing and availability. The subscription streaming service is hitting more than a week earlier than Disney Plus and it's also going to cost $2 less, at $4.99 per month.

Specifically, Apple TV+ will launch in 100 countries on November 1, and that price includes streaming for the family, which presumably means multiple simultaneous streams.

Apple's also giving away a free year of the service with new Apple hardware, including Macs and iPhones. Admittedly, that's just a savings of $60 per month, a small drop in the price (5%, to be precise ) of a $1,099 MacBook Air.

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Yes, that $4.99 per month price is pretty low, undercutting Hulu ($5.99 per month), Netflix ($8.99 per month) and Disney Plus ($6.99 per month); the latter service launches Nov. 12.

Apple's aggressive pricing may be a sign that the company recognizes the challenge of taking on a powerhouse like Disney. While Disney's service will feature original programming along with access to a vast library of shows and movies, Apple TV+ launches with just a handful of original programs.

Apple plans to add new original shows to the Apple TV+ roster every month.