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There's never been a better time to try out Apple News Plus

(Image credit: Apple)

We haven't heard much about Apple News Plus since Apple launched its subscription news service this past spring. But Apple looks like it's trying to revive interest in Apple News Plus among people who didn't subscribe the first time around, by giving them a little more time to try before they buy.

This weekend, you can sign up for Apple News Plus and get a three-month free trial. That's triple the length of Apple's normal test period before the service's $9.99-per-month subscription kicks in. MacRumors was the first to spot this change in the Apple News Plus trial.

It sounds like the three-month trial is only a temporary offer, though, so if you've been mulling over Apple's news service, now's the time to give it a test.

Apple's advertising a longer free trial period for Apple News Plus.

Apple's advertising a longer free trial period for Apple News Plus. (Image credit: Apple)

Apple News Plus promises access to hundreds of magazines along with leading newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal. Some publications have optimized the presentation of their stories for Apple's service with dynamic photography. Apple also has editors on staff curating stories, and you can personalize app to serve up the kinds of coverage you're interested in.

I had a mixed reaction to Apple News Plus when I tried it out earlier this year. On the one hand, I enjoyed the breadth of publications available for one monthly subscription price, but I was bothered with inconsistent displays from magazine to magazine, and the search functionality didn't impress me. Since Apple News Plus debuted, Apple has rolled out other subscription services like Apple Arcade and Apple TV Plus that both cost $4.99 a month, making the $9.99 cost of the news service stick out.

Still, your experience might prove more fruitful than mine, and Apple is giving you more time to see if News Plus is to your liking — at least for now.