Apple Beats Studio Buds launch is imminent — here's the proof

Beats Studio Pro
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Those Beats Studio Buds we heard about last week courtesy of some iOS code are moving closer to a launch. And now there are regulatory filings to prove it.

Documents spotted by MyHealthyApple reveal Apple has received FCC approval for its new wireless earbuds, which sound a lot like a Beats-branded version of the AirPods, based on previous reports. There's no new information on the Beats Studio Buds in the FCC documents, but it is the surest sign yet that a release is imminent.

Previously, the best proof of the Beats Studio Buds' existence came from Apple itself. Last week, hidden code in iOS 14.6 referred to the the earbuds. (Apple has since released iOS 14.6 to users.)

From what we've heard, the Beats Studio Buds will have a fitness-focused design that's a bit more casual than your typical sports headphones. Designs of Beats Studio Buds offer a conical shape with a flat section that presumably houses a sensor for touch controls.

We'd imagine the Beats Studio Buds are powered by Apple's H1 or W1 chip, in order to support the spatial audio features Apple has started touting with its audio gear. You can expect noise cancellation features as well.

While the FCC documentation suggests a launch is soon, there's no rumored timetable for a release of the Beats Studio Buds. This seems like the sort of product Apple wouldn't hold for a launch event, though.

That's in contrast to the AirPods 3, a new iteration of Apple's own wireless earbuds that should introduce features like lossless playback and spatial audio support. The release date for AirPods 3 has been a bit of a moving target, though Apple watchers now suggest the earbuds will enter production sometime during the summer. That could suggest a fall launch alongside the iPhone 13.

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