'American Fiction' streaming date: When will it be available to watch?

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"American Fiction" has been lavished with praise since it hit the awards circuit. After being named one of the top 10 films of 2023 by the American Film Institute, it's gone on to snap up multiple nominations at the Critics Choice Awards and Golden Globe Awards, including one for Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy. All of those accolades indicate it's a worthy contender for one of the highest honors of all: an Academy Award. 

If you haven't already hit your local theater for a showing of "American Fiction", however, you may be wondering what all the hubbub is about. Right now, the only way you can see it is by buying a movie ticket to a physical theater, but it's well worth the trip.

This comedy-drama, based on Percival Everett's 2001 novel "Erasure," follows novelist Thelonious "Monk" Ellison (Jeffrey Wright), who's become disillusioned by the fact that most Black entertainment relies on offensive stereotypes. Somewhat as a joke, he sets out to write a book using the same rote tropes to prove his point — and ends up being propelled to stardom by it.

Right now, it's not clear when you'll be able to catch the movie while sitting comfortably in your own living room. But while there's no official date for when you can expect to see "American Fiction" make its streaming debut, we know at the very least where it'll land. Read on for our thoughts on when "American Fiction" will land on streaming. 

When and where will 'American Fiction' be available for streaming?

Okay, time for some good news and some bad news.

First, the good news! "American Fiction" will be released on paid video-on-demand services on February 6. That means if you haven't already caught this hit Oscar-nominated film in theaters, you can just wait to watch it at home if you prefer.

Now, the bad news. Unfortunately, this movie will not be headed to Prime Video — at least not for now. Instead, "American Fiction" will be released on MGM Plus on March 8. While the movie may eventually make it to Prime Video given Amazon owns the rights to the film, for the foreseeable future it's going to Amazon's other streaming service.

That's a bummer for those hoping to catch this movie on one of the best streaming services. While many people have Prime Video thanks to its inclusion in your Amazon Prime subscription, MGM Plus is a niche offering. At the moment, the James Bond movies are its biggest selling point, and many of those can still be found elsewhere. 

Renting this movie from a PVOD service may ultimately be the better move for most people rather than getting an MGM Plus subscription —  and could be more cost-effective given MGM Plus costs $6.99 a month. However, MGM Plus does have a one-week free trial, so you could always sign up, watch "American Fiction" and then cancel your subscription. 

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