Amazon Prime free March games include Madden 22, Surviving Mars and more

Madden NFL 22 screenshot
(Image credit: EA)

If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, you've got several great games coming to you for free next month. The benefits for March have just been announced on the Prime Gaming blog, and while getting free games is always exciting, there are two we're particularly interested in.

The biggest game on the list is Madden NFL 22. While it's only a marginal update on previous Madden titles, and the game's Ultimate Team mode is reliant on microtransactions, but it's still the latest and greatest football simulation around, with some welcome changes to the story mode and basic mechanics.

madden nfl 22

(Image credit: EA)

One other standout from the list is Surviving Mars. It's a city-builder on its surface, but since you're trying to build a new colony on the unwelcoming red planet, your problems can be a lot more serious than traffic and utilities. You'll prepare your colony at first with a robotic crew, but once the people from Earth start arriving, you'll find this title has more in common with survival horror games than you'd expect.

A screenshot from Haemimont Games and Abstraction's Surviving Mars, showing glass domes filled with buildings on the surface of Mars.

(Image credit: Paradox Interactive`)

The other Amazon Prime Gaming free games include a blockchain-themed tower defense game Crytpo Against All Odds, French story-heavy puzzler looK INside, Homestuck/Hiveswap visual novel Pesterquest, card-based RPG Steamworld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech, and moving "game of life and loss" The Stillness of the Wind. We've not had as much experience with these games as the previous two, but they're a diverse bunch that will at least be worth an hour or two of play. They are free, after all.

Of course, you get your usual Prime Gaming benefits like a free Twitch subscription and in-game gear and bonuses for games like GTA Online, Red Dead Online, Legends of Runeterra, Lost Ark and more. Plus there's all your normal Prime subscription perks like faster shipping and music and video streaming.

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