'A Quiet Place 3,' 'Day One' prequel and everything we know so far

A Quiet Place 3
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With the spin-off prequel "A Quiet Place: Day One" finally hitting theaters, we're counting down the days until "A Quiet Place 3." Set in a world invaded by terrifying alien creatures with an acute sense of hearing, the next entry in the series may continue the story with Emily Blunt as the lead. However, it's unclear if John Krasinski will return to direct the next installment of the franchise he helped originate. 

Then again, the project could introduce new characters in a different location, still under siege from the same breed of marauding predators from the OG films. But, really, the jury is currently still out on what to expect.

While "A Quiet Place 3" was originally scheduled to release sometime in 2025, it has since been delayed indefinitely. Exactly why it's been delayed remains unclear, leaving fans eagerly awaiting further updates.

Here's everything we know about "A Quiet Place 3" and its prequel. 

Latest 'A Quiet Place 3' news (updated July 1)

  • "A Quiet Place: Day One" hit theaters on June 28 and is likely to arrive on Paramount Plus sometime in August or September 
  • "A Quiet Place Part III" was originally slated to release in 2025 but has been delayed indefinitely.

What we know about 'A Quiet Place: Day One'

The franchise's first spinoff, "A Quiet Place: Day One" made it theatrical debut on June 28 and stars a brand-new cast of characters. The first official trailer debuted in February, followed by a more in-depth trailer (which you can check out below) in May. 

With a new story developed by Krasinski and "Day One" writer-director Michael Sarnoski, this movie takes us back to the first chaotic moments following the alien invasion. It's something we got a brief glimpse of in the opening flashback sequence of "A Quiet Place: Part II," but "Day One" is expected to explore the fallout more in-depth and give us an idea of how people survived in those early days before the aliens' sensitivities to sound was as well understood. 

A Quiet Place: Day One | Official Trailer 2 (2024 Movie) - Lupita Nyong'o, Joseph Quinn - YouTube A Quiet Place: Day One | Official Trailer 2 (2024 Movie) - Lupita Nyong'o, Joseph Quinn - YouTube
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Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o plays a terminally ill poet named Sam who is on a day trip to New York City when the monsters arrive. When everything goes to hell, she is thrown together with a fellow survivor named Eric (played by "Stranger Things'" Joseph Quinn) and the two team up to try to navigate the chaos. The latest trailer shows the two planning an escape route only to see government jets bomb the bridges leading out of Manhattan, presumably to keep the monsters overrunning the city from reaching the mainland.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Quinn described "Day One" as more of an escape movie following different characters rather than a survival story. “It’s more of a [character] drama than anything,” Quinn said. “The script is obviously set in the world that we know, but it's very much a film about these two characters who are lost and trying to negotiate their fates. There are also some wonderful other characters in the film who Sam encounters, but the bulk of it is Eric and Sam in their mutual acceptance of this bleak, more quiet, new reality.” 

One familiar character returns as well. Djimon Hounsou, who appeared in "A Quiet Place Part II" as the unnamed leader of a small island colony of survivors, reprises his role in "Day One." He briefly appears in the latest trailer instructing Nyong’o's character to keep quiet.

"A Quiet Place: Day One" enjoyed a $53 million opening weekend in the U.S. — the best the series has seen yet. Critics were more divided, with it currently sitting at an 85% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, lower than both the original "A Quiet Place" (96%) and "A Quiet Place Part Two" (91%), with some complaining the prequel doesn't add much new lore about the monsters or their invasion. 

When will 'A Quiet Place: Day One' be available to stream?

No date has been set for "A Quiet Place: Day One's" streaming debut, but it's expected to arrive on Paramount Plus sometime in August or September 2024, roughly two or three months after its theatrical release. 

'A Quiet Place 3' release date window

"A Quiet Place 3" does not yet have a release date. Back in 2022, Paramount Plus revealed it was targeting a 2025 release window. Paramount Plus tweeted at the time: "The next installment of @quietplacemovie is coming next year & will be directed by Michael Sarnoski. And, #AQuietPlace Part III is coming in 2025."

Then in February, the studio announced development had been delayed indefinitely. No new release date has been announced, but with filming yet to begin, it's not likely to be any time soon. 

'A Quiet Place 3' cast

A Quiet Place 3: Cast

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Details are thin for "A Quiet Place 3." No cast members have been confirmed. 

It's possible that the main players of "A Quiet Place 2" return: Emily Blunt as Evelyn Abbott, Millicent Simmonds as Regan Abbott, and Noah Jupe as Marcus Abbott. A flashback cameo may be made by John Krasinski as Lee Abbott. 

As for "A Quiet Place: Day One," it will star Lupita Nyong’o and "Stranger Things 4" breakout star Joseph Quinn, per Deadline. The outlet also reported that Alex Wolff ("Hereditary") is joining the cast. Given that this spin-off is a prequel, it’s unlikely that Blunt and Krasinski’s characters will make cameos, so don't expect to see the Abbott family this time around. 

As we said before, Djimon Hounsou, who appeared in "A Quiet Place Part II" as the unnamed leader of a small island colony of survivors, has been confirmed to reprise his role. In the second film, his character alludes to certain things that happened in New York City on the day the aliens invaded, and "Day One" director Sarnoski told Entertainment Weekly the film will explore some of those events and flesh out his origin story. And yes, we will finally learn his name. 

'A Quiet Place 3' plot

Much of what happens in "A Quiet Place 3" will likely rely on how this movie interlinks with the world of the previous two films. 

"A Quiet Place 2" focused on Regan Abbott's quest to find the source of a mysterious radio signal, which played "Beyond the Sea" on a strange loop. She finds an island that is actually a safe haven for humans as the aliens cannot swim; the National Guard rounded up people in the early days of the apocalyptic invasion to safely stow them away from the monsters. Except a monster does eventually arrive, because of course it does. 

There are any number of places a new story could go.

A Quiet Place 3: Plot?

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Blunt told Collider that Krasinski has plenty of ideas for both a sequel to the Abbott family and for a tangential film, explaining that he “wanted to see how people responded to this one ("A Quiet Place 2") before he fully engaged his brain on the third one. But he has a couple of great ideas.”

In an interview with Empire, Krasinski teased, "Is it going to continue the Abbotts? Who knows!... No, I will tell you that it is… I’m really excited about the third installment because it’s going to do something that we haven’t done before." 

Which is a lot of words to not say anything at all. That said, he did give us something real to chew on, speaking of the end of "Part 2": "The ending of the last shot is, now that the world knows about [the signal that the creatures are vulnerable to], what will the world do with this answer, or with this weapon? Will they be responsible with it, or will they not be responsible with it?”

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