Wordle just fixed its biggest flaw

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Any devoted Wordle player will tell you the importance of the streak. The streak shows how good (or bad) a Wordle player you are, but it’s suffered from one serious problem: your streaks are device specific and don’t follow you around. Thankfully that’s changing.

Wordle owners, The New York Times, are now letting you sync your game stats across devices. All you need is a New York Times account — and they’re free to create if you don’t have one already.

The whole process takes a few minutes at most, and can be done before or after you have a go at today’s Wordle answer. Here’s how to sync your Wordle streak across devices.

How to save a Wordle streak across devices

1. Head to the New York Times Wordle website on a device of your choice

wordle stats button

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 2. Play today’s game, or click the bar graph button in the top right corner 

Tom Pritchard's wordle stats

These Wordle stats came from the desktop version of Chrome (Image credit: Wordle)

3.  Underneath your stats you’ll see the option to link your stats. Click the big Log in or create a free account button 

4.  Follow the steps on screen. Your options are to sign up with your existing Google, Facebook or Apple accounts, or to create a new profile from scratch. That last choice needs your email and a password, but no other personal data. 

wordle stats on mobile as well as desktop

The same Wordle stats are now available on my phone (Image credit: Wordle)

5. This will now sync your Wordle stats to your NYT profile, and if you log in on a different device (or browser) you’ll see your streak and stats have all been carried over. 

This feature has only started rolling out today (July 13), and doesn’t seem to be available for everyone. For example, I’ve been able to sync Wordle to my own NYT account on Chrome (Windows and Android), but don’t have that option in Safari (iOS), Microsoft Edge. or even Chrome on the iPhone. 

So if you don’t see the option on the Wordle device of your choice, you’re just going to have to be patient. And we recommend you be patient, because the syncing process is permanent and you don’t want to accidentally wipe out your streak in the process.

It’s not clear how long the rollout will take, but we’re hoping this wait will be a short one. The original announcement was made yesterday afternoon, and the fact some people can already sync their stats means it shouldn’t be long before everyone can.

If you’re struggling to keep up your Wordle streak then we have some resources for you. Our guide to the best Wordle start words can help you preserve that streak, and we have essential Wordle tips and tricks from Tom’s Guide’s Wordle wizard Marc McLaren. 

But, if all else fails, we do post the latest Wordle answer every day, along with hints that might help you figure it out for yourself. Because it’s not really cheating if you don’t get given the answer. 

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