Our Place just dropped its ‘virtually indestructible’ Always Pan Pro — and I got a first look

The new Always Pan Pro next to the original Always Pan
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If you don’t know it by name, you’ll have seen the Always Pan online. Described as "Le Creuset for millennials", the non-stick pan famously claims to replace 10 pieces of individual cookware with its high edges, compatible steaming basket and in-built spoon rest. But, in a twist even cooking enthusiasts like me didn’t see coming, Our Place has released a new and improved Always Pan Pro, and it’s made of ‘virtually indestructible’ stainless steel. 

The Always Pan Pro does away with non-stick coating, instead using the brand’s new "NoCo" technology. This promises "the high-heat searing benefits of stainless steel or cast iron with the convenience of a nonstick effect" by pressing a pattern into the titanium interior of the pan. 

A far cry from the slightly high-maintenance OG Always Pan, you can put the Always Pan Pro in any of the best dishwashers, subject it to heats of up to 1000°F and even use metal utensils while cooking. Although you’ll still get the classic wooden spoon included with every Always Pan to sit in the handy built-in spoon rest. What’s more, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty, meaning it could last just as long as some of the best cast iron skillets

Always Pan Pro: $195 at Our Place

Always Pan Pro: $195 at Our Place
Available in a chrome finish and limited-edition chrome with gold fixtures, the Always Pan Pro is dishwasher-safe and can withstand heat of up to 1000°F. It comes with a built-in spoon rest and is backed by a lifetime warranty. It can now be bought directly through the Our Place website. 

My first look at the Always Pan Pro

Always Pan Pro with the lid on

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Although the Always Pan has amassed a cult following, my main complaint when I first tried it was how high-maintenance it is. The original Always Pan couldn’t go in the oven or the dishwasher, and the brand even recommended that you use it on low heat - not ideal for cooking up a steak dinner. 

My concerns were somewhat remedied when Our Place launched the Always Pan 2.0 — a hardier update with a newly oven-safe design and an improved non-stick coating. But the latest release from Our Place could be its most innovative yet. Claiming to be "virtually indestructible", the Always Pan Pro does away with non-stick coatings and pastel exteriors entirely and instead comes in timeless, tri-ply stainless steel. On the inside, its new "NoCo™" tech makes the hefty promise of "searing power of stainless steel with the ease of a nonstick."

My first impression was that the Always Pan Pro is what you’d get if your Always Pan and your HexClad pan had a baby.

My first impression was that the Always Pan Pro is what you’d get if your Always Pan and your HexClad pan had a baby. Instead of coating the pan in a nonstick layer, the Always Pan Pro features a geometric, naturally nonstick construction. 

According to the brand, "the pattern pressed into the titanium makes the surface naturally hydrophobic, which in turn creates a nonstick effect."

Is the Always Pan Pro any good? 

Always Pan Pro from overhead showing the pressed interior pattern

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The Always Pan Pro makes a lot of impressive claims, but as someone who has tested some of the top-performing cookware on the market, I was a little skeptical about how well it would perform. My first impression upon taking it out of the box was that it felt a tiny bit flimsy. The lid lacks the weightiness I'd typically associate with a premium pan, and although you could argue it wouldn't be an Always Pan without the classic spoon rest, I'm still annoyed that it hangs over the edge of the handle. The pan would feel more luxe if Our Place had done away with the wooden spoon. 

Gripes aside, I'll definitely be adding the Always Pan Pro to my usual rotation. I pan-grilled some marinaded chicken to get a sense for how well its NoCo tech works, and I was totally wowed. My chicken still had a nice char once I got past the honeycomb pattern the pan's grooves left, and the burnt-on marinade flaked away from the inside of the pan with no difficulty whatsoever. 

Always Pan Pro after cooking some chicken

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I'll continue to test the Always Pan Pro ahead of my full review, but if you want to place your order before it (inevitably) sells out, it gets my tentative seal of approval.

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