This classic Star Wars game is the only non-VR game to give me motion sickness — and it’s getting a remaster

Star Wars Bounty Hunter
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If you grew up when the Star Wars prequels were being released like me, you might remember Star Wars: Bounty Hunter. The game was a prequel to Attack of the Clones, putting you in the shoes of Jango Fett and the events leading up to him becoming the template for the clone army. Well that game is making a comeback.

22 years after it was first released, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter is being enhanced and re-released for PC and modern consoles. Those enhancements include improved environment textures, new lighting effects and a flashlight — because the original game was pretty dark.

Players will also be able to play as Boba Fett after finishing the campaign — something the original game teased but didn’t actually offer.

STAR WARSâ„¢: Bounty Hunterâ„¢ - Announce Trailer - YouTube STAR WARSâ„¢: Bounty Hunterâ„¢ - Announce Trailer - YouTube
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The PS5 version of the game will also have unique features, thanks to the DualSense controller. That means you can make use of the adaptive triggers, listen to in-game communications through the controller’s speaker, and see your health status reflected in the controller’s LED lights.

PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox owners will still be able to play the enhanced version of the game. But those features will not be available, even if you use a DualSense controller on your PC.

I never got to play Bounty Hunter as a kid, but desperately wanted to. Unfortunately the game was exclusive to PS2 and Gamecube and I… had an Xbox. I wasn’t able to play the game until many years later when it finally came to PS4.

Unfortunately, the camera work on that version of the game was all over the place. So to this day it’s the only non-VR game that’s ever given me motion sickness — to the point where I gave up not that long after unlocking Jango’s jetpack. 

I’m not entirely sure whether the enhanced version will fix those issues. After all it is an enhanced version of the original game rather than a full remake. So the mechanics should be more or less the same as the original 2002 version. Maybe I’ll give it a try, or maybe I’ll just go back to the PS4 port first. At least I’ve got some time to make my decision.

Star Wars: Bounty Hunter launches later this year on August 1 for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and PC — and it’ll set you back $20.

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