7 upcoming video game shows and movies that could be even better than ‘Fallout’

Ella Purnell as Lucy Maclean in Fallout TV show
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Video game adaptations have always been challenging to get right, and very few have earned high success. If you’re someone who spends most of their free time playing games, then you’ll understand how frustrating it can be to watch an adaptation that doesn’t match the game at all. 

After seeing the trailer for “Fallout”, I didn’t have high expectations due to the bumpy reputation of adaptations over the years. But much to my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed it — and so did the rest of the world. With a fantastic score of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, it was safe to say that “Fallout” had done its job right. 

In the past, shows like “The Last of Us” and “Halo” received quite a bit of praise from their fanbases, similar to movies such as “Five Nights at Freddy’s” and “Uncharted”. However, adaptations have the tendency to leave important details out that make the unique game world… well, unique. “Fallout” doesn’t have this issue at all, and in fact, it’s made me even more excited for future video game adaptations. 

So, if you’ve just finished “Fallout” and need some good news to fill that emptiness, then check out the video game adaptations I’m most hyped for. 


A Big Daddy and Little Sister in the Bioshock video game

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“Bioshock” is one of my favorite games ever, so you can imagine my excitement after hearing about a movie adaptation. The game follows Jack, the playable character who discovers a hidden underwater city after escaping a plane crash in the Atlantic Ocean. This isolated utopia looks beautiful on the outside, but once he ventures in, he discovers just how disturbing the place really is. 

Netflix confirmed this beloved game will hit the small screen, giving the underwater city Rapture a chance to reach new people. Being one of the best streaming services, Netflix will also partner with 2K and Take-Two to bring the story to life. The movie will likely focus on the first game to help set up the world, characters, and mysterious forces that reside deep within Rapture. 

'Gears of War'

Main concept poster for Gears of War video game

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Another one of my favorite games to ever exist is “Gears of War”, and it’s finally getting a movie. This game focuses on the battle between humanity and reptilian creatures known as the Locust. Players control Marcus Fenix, a soldier who must join forces with his fellow fighters to destroy the savage creatures and restore humanity so that everyone can live peacefully.

Netflix has also claimed this game, with the movie officially in development. There haven’t been many details released about this adaptation yet, but it will most likely follow the first game to introduce the Locust and show how the humans migrated to another planet called Sera. 


“Borderlands” is one movie that I can’t wait to watch in 2024. The first game of the same name focuses on the Vault Hunters, a group of highly skilled characters who search for a vault that apparently contains alien technology. They must travel through the savage nature of the planet Pandora while fighting local bandits and stopping a private military organization from reaching the vault first. 

In terms of the movie adaptation, it doesn’t directly follow this plot, but it does involve similar characters who are just as comedic and fun. Cate Blanchett’s Lilith is an outlaw who must find the missing daughter of the military organization known as Atlas. She puts together a team to increase her chances of finding the girl and beating the bandits and alien monsters that roam the planet. The movie releases on August 9, so don’t miss it. 

'Until Dawn'

Hayden Panettiere as Sam in Until Dawn game

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“Until Dawn” is an interactive horror game that adapts to the choices you make. Making the wrong choice or saying the wrong thing could kill a character, and you can’t take it back. The player will control eight teenagers who have to survive on a snowy mountain while being stalked by something evil. I don’t think I’ve ever sweat so much playing a game, all because I was determined to keep every character alive. 

Now, just imagine this on the big screen. Gary Dauberman, who wrote horror movies such as “Annabelle”, “The Nun”, and “It” will be producing a script for “Until Dawn”. Not much has been revealed about the plot or cast yet, but the game’s premise alone is enough to stand out as a terrifying narrative. I’m curious to know which direction they will take the movie since the game’s primary focus is on player choices. 

‘Horizon 2047’ 

horizon zero dawn

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“Horizon 2047” is one of the most highly-anticipated video game adaptations, and it’s based on the “Horizon Zero Dawn” franchise. These games follow Aloy, a young hunter who fights huge dinosaur-like machines that have taken over the world. Humans now survive in tribes, and Aloy will do whatever it takes to learn the truth about her past and where she truly belongs. 

Netflix’s show adaptation could focus on other stories about Aloy or create new characters completely. Since “Horizon” is such an extensive world with complex gameplay, it might be challenging to follow the first game directly, making a more dulled-down version of the world likely. Regardless, this show could hold stunning visuals and deep-rooted lore that will keep everyone hooked. 

'Alan Wake'

Alan Wake in Remedy Entertainment's concept trailer

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“Alan Wake” could be a brilliant show, and the concept alone holds potential. The game focuses on a crime-fiction novelist Alan Wake, who travels to a small town with his wife to forget about his writer’s block. However, the vacation is soon disrupted when shadowy figures try to kill him and end up kidnapping his wife. The only way to fight them off is by shining light.

The show itself could have Ilkka Villi as Alan Wake, who physically portrayed him in the games. “Alan Wake 2” actually included real-life scenes of the actors throughout the player’s gameplay. While this sounds promising, there have been no current updates since AMC acquired the franchise back in 2020. Even though it’s been quiet news for this adaptation, there’s a chance it could pick up again like both “Gears of War” and “Bioshock”.  

'God of War'

God of War

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Amazon Prime Video has officially claimed “God of War” for a show adaptation. The game itself focuses on Kratos and his young son, Atreus. After the death of Kratos' wife, the father and son go on a journey to scatter her ashes in the nine realms. Throughout their adventure, they face dangerous monsters and Gods of the Norse world who threaten their survival. 

Although it might be a while until we see more about the show, it does share a similar synopsis to the game. The series will focus on Kratos' relationship with his estranged son and the hardships they will endure to reach the nine realms. Let’s hope we see more news about potential casting and filming development soon. 

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