9 top new movies to stream this week on Netflix, Max, Disney Plus and more (April 2-8)

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If you’re looking for a new movie to watch this week then you’re spoilt for choice. All of the best streaming services are offering something new including tentpole flicks that are fresh from the theater. 

This week begins with the streaming debut of “Wish” on Disney Plus. This animated movie was produced to celebrate the House of Mouse’s centennial anniversary and it's a classic Disney musical with loveable characters and toe-tapping songs. If you’d rather something a little more dramatic, Netflix’s “Scoop” recounts a journalist's quest to land an infamous interview that shook the foundations of the British Royal Family. Plus, Oscar-winner “The Zone of Interest” hits Max. 

It’s not just a strong week for new movies, make sure to check out our roundup of all the new TV shows to watch this week and we’ve also got a guide to the best of what’s new on Netflix. Now let’s dive into all the top new movies arriving on streaming this week (April 1-8). 

'Talk to Me' (Paramount Plus)

One of the best horror movies of the last five years, “Talk to Me” arrives on Paramount Plus (with Showtime) this week, and it’s the perfect chiller for those looking for sleepless nights. It sees a group of friends participate in a spirit-conjuring ritual using an embalmed hand. At first, the ability to allow an otherworldly spirit to temporarily possess their body offers an addictive thrill, but when one of the group goes too far and welcomes something more sinister into our world, the situation spirals into a nightmare as the lines between the living and the dead begin to blur.  

Stream on Paramount Plus with Showtime

'The American Society of Magical Negroes' (PVOD) 

Barely two weeks after its theatrical debut, “The American Society of Magical Negroes” can now be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. This fantasy flick stars Justice Smith and David Alan Grier and focuses on a secret society of magical Black people who dedicate their lives to making White people’s lives easier. At first, Aren (Smith) is thrilled with his newfound magical powers but begins to grow disillusioned with society’s mission as the flaws in the system become apparent. “The American Society of Magical Negroes” was a box office disappointment but its arrival on streaming should hopefully help it find a larger audience. 

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'Wish' (Disney Plus)  

Last year marked Disney’s 100th anniversary and the media titan celebrated this milestone with “Wish”, a movie musical that blends traditional animation with modern techniques to create a unique visual style. Featuring the voice talents of Ariana DeBose, Chris Pine and Alan Tudyk, “Wish”  is set in the Kingdom of Rosas. This paradise island is ruled over by the wish-granting King Magnifico (Pine). But when a young girl named Asha (DeBose) discovers the king isn’t as benevolent as he appears, she makes her own wish on a cosmic force, and a troublemaking star answers her plea for help. There’s also a talking goat along for the ride because it wouldn’t be a Disney movie without a talking animal to turn into a plush toy.  

Stream on Disney Plus starting April 3

'Música' (Prime Video)  

YouTuber and online musician Rudy Mancuso marks his feature film directional debut with “Música”, a semi-autobiographical musical-comedy about growing up and finding yourself against the background of Newark, New Jersey. Mancuso plays a heightened version of himself with “Riverdale"'s Camila Mendes playing his love interest, Isabelle. In this Prime Video original movie, Rudy is an aspiring creator struggling with synesthesia, a phenomenon that causes intense sensory overload, and must come to terms with his future while also navigating the pressure of love, family and his Brazilian heritage. If you’re looking for a feel-good movie this week, “Música” looks like a shot of joyful energy that should put a smile on your face.  

Stream on Prime Video starting April 4 

'Girls State' (Apple TV Plus)  

In this documentary, young adolescent girls from across Missouri are brought together for an intriguing social experiment. They are tasked with building their own government and Supreme Court. These young leaders each come from different backgrounds, and have differing views on what is required to create a truly democratic society, but to prove that girls really do run the world, they need to put those differences aside and come together to build a better system that is fairer for all. This Apple TV Plus doc looks primed to inspire the next generation of young leaders and serves as a testament to our need for greater unity rather than division. 

Stream on Apple TV Plus starting April 5  

'Night Swim' (Peacock)

Just when you thought ghostly specters had run out of things to haunt enter “Night Swim”, a Blumhouse flick that centers on a backyard swimming pool that plays host to sinister forces. The horror is lead by Ray Waller (Wyatt Russell), a baseball player forced into early retirement due to injury. After moving his family into their new home, Ray’s injury begins to improve as the house’s pool assists in his rehabilitation. But the more time Ray spends in the water, the more his mood changes. As his concerned wife (Kerry Condon) begins exploring the house's dark history, she discovers some shocking secrets. Critics didn’t take to “Night Swim” but if you want an original concept horror with a few jumps then you might find it worth your time.  

Stream on Peacock starting April 5

'Scoop' (Netflix)

In 2019, BBC journalist Emily Maitlis interviewed Prince Andrew, son of the late Queen Elizabeth II, discussing his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. To call it a “car crash interview” would be an understatement. The interview fast-tracked Prince Andrew’s retirement as an active Royal and the eventual multi-million-pound out-of-court settlement after he was accused of sexual assault against a minor. This Netflix drama charts the circumstances around the interview, and how it was negotiated with the famously protective Buckingham Palace. Gillian Anderson plays Maitlis, while Rufus Sewell plays Prince Andrew. The cast also includes Billie Piper, Keeley Hawes and Connor Swindells.  

Stream on Netflix starting April 5  

'The Zone of Interest' (Max)

Winner of Best International Feature and Best Sound at the 2024 Oscars, “The Zone of Interest” is a harrowing examination of humanity’s capacity for cruelty, and how evil acts can be normalized under the right conditions. Written and directed by Jonathan Glazer, this historical drama focuses on the life of Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss (Christian Friedel) and his wife Hedwig (Sandra Hüller), who raised their young family in the shadow of the concentration camp. Their young children spend their days living an idyllic life unaware that just over-the-wall acts of unspeakable violence are being committed against innocent people. A tough, but utterly vital, watch “The Zone of Interest” is intensely powerful with deeply unsettling use of sound throughout. 

Stream on Max starting April 5

How to Have Sex (MUBI)

An unflinching portrayal of teenage angst and social pressure, “How to Have Sex” comes from director Molly Manning Walker and is an uncomfortably relatable encapsulation of growing up and first-time experiences. The drama sees on a trio of British teenagers jet off on a sun-soaked vacation full of drinking, clubbing and poor decisions. The raw writing and smart direction from Manning Walker are a draw, but the real selling point is the star-making turn from Mia McKenna-Bruce as Tia, the youngest of the group. 

Stream on MUBI starting April 5

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