7 tense crime movies on Prime Video with 95% or higher on Rotten Tomatoes

Jeff Bridges and Gil Birmingham in Hell or High Water
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The crime genre includes everything from chilling mysteries to detective work to legal thrillers. No matter what you’re in the mood for, there should be something to watch, and one of the best streaming services includes some critically acclaimed crime movies. But if you’re stuck wondering what to stream next, we have a list containing some of the most intense stories. 

Prime Video has a vast library of movies, but only a few share a high score on Rotten Tomatoes. We used this review aggregation site to determine what crime movies have scored well with audiences and critics around the world. Of course, high ratings don’t guarantee you’re going to love the movie, but they do indicate it’s worth watching. 

Our team at Tom’s Guide has chosen the top crime movies on Prime Video, from a western drama led by Chris Pine to an accidental murder. Check them out below.

'Hell or High Water'

The western crime “Hell or High Water” is a movie you should add to your list. It follows Toby (Chris Pine), a divorced father who wants to give his son the best life. He and his brother Tanner (Ben Foster) plan a final robbery against the bank threatening to close their family ranch due to outstanding debt, with hopes of keeping some of the money to give Toby's son the life he deserves. Marcus (Jeff Bridges) and Alberto (Gil Birmingham), a ranger and a lawman, will stop at nothing to prevent the robbery. This movie focuses on how people do bad things for the right reasons, even though they’re blindsided by their own motivations. 

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'The Godfather'

“The Godfather” is considered to be one of the greatest movies of all time. Based on Mario Puzo's novel of the same name, this epic crime drama focuses on the powerful family of Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando). He gives control of his empire to his youngest son Michael (Al Pacino), although the boy is reluctant to join the organized crime dynasty. In the meantime, Michael tries to maintain his relationship with his wife while delving deeper into the family business and its twisted secrets.

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'The Hate U Give'

Up next on the list is “The Hate U Give”, a crime thriller that focuses on how society uses the stereotypes of black people to justify racism and violence. Starr (Amandla Stenberg) lives in a poor neighborhood while attending a suburban prep school, meaning she has to live two separate lives. On one fateful day, she witnesses her childhood best friend get shot by a police officer who wrongly accused him of having a weapon. Now, she is determined to advocate against police violence and defend her best friend’s name. 

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'Blood On Her Name'

“Blood On Her Name” follows the story of Leigh (Bethany Anne Lind), a single mom who accidentally kills someone and spirals into a panic. With enough trouble weighing her down, she decides to do the right thing and deliver the man’s body to his family and friends, knowing it’s the only way to please her guilty conscience. You’ll follow her on this journey, from the moment the murder takes place to the moment she plans on concealing evidence, with insights into how a broken person’s mind works. 

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'Blue Ruin'

If you’re in the mood for a dark crime thriller, “Blue Ruin” should be your next watch. Dwight (Macon Blair) returns to his hometown after receiving some news about the murder of his parents. He makes it his mission to exact revenge on the murderer who escaped prison and targeted his family. The high Rotten Tomatoes score proves that “Blue Ruin” is worth experiencing due to its incredible acting and emotional storytelling. Dwight reflects raw human emotion when it comes to overcoming grief and anger. 

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“Chinatown” is a neo-noir crime mystery movie that transports you back to the 1930’s. It focuses on an anxious woman who believes her husband is having an affair. She hires private detective J.J. Gittes (Jack Nicholson) to investigate whether this is true, and so he watches her husband Hollis (Darrell Zwerling), who is the chief water engineer for the city of Los Angeles. However, Gittes ends up caught in the web of deception, dishonesty, and even murder when the husband turns up dead. He makes it his mission to learn more about the case, but the lies make it incredibly challenging. 

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'Catch Me If You Can'

Based on the semi-autobiographical book of the same name, “Catch Me If You Can” follows teenager Frank Abagnale, Jr. (Leonardo DiCaprio), who is known as a highly-skilled forger. He passed as a doctor, lawyer, and even a pilot before turning 18, and now he’s ready to become the most successful bank robber. FBI Agent Carl Hanratty (Tom Hanks) is determined to find and capture Frank to end his forgery, but the teenager is always one step ahead. This crime-comedy movie is amusing, entertaining, and tense, with DiCaprio and Hanks giving excellent performances. Trust me, you’ll be on the edge of your seat, silently hoping that Frank doesn’t get caught. 

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