5 new to Netflix movies with 90% or higher on Rotten Tomatoes

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A fresh collection of new Netflix movies is arriving this month, and the streaming service offers plenty of must-watch picks in April 2024. 

There’s something for every taste on Netflix this month including an Americana classic from the mind that created the biggest sci-fi franchise on the planet, to an impeccably crafted action movie that is set to a killer soundtrack. Each of the five movies on this list have scored at least 90% on the review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes, which is a testament to their quality. 

All of these movies deserve to be considered for our best Netflix movies roundup and are great picks for your next movie night marathon. If you need even more viewing recommendations, be sure to browse our guide to everything new on Netflix this month as well as our guide to the best new movies and shows to watch this weekend. 

'Baby Driver' (2017)

A rip-roaring action movie from director Edgar Wright, “Baby Driver” is one of the best action movies of the 2010s. It centers on an soft-spoken getaway driver, codenamed Baby (Ansel Elgort), who is forced to work with a slick career criminal, Doc (Kevin Spacey), to pay off a personal debt. But when he forges a connection with a young waitress (Lily James) the two make plans to skip town and start a new life together, but first Baby must complete one last mission with a ruthless crew. 

The narrative bones of “Baby Driver” are fairly routine (you can probably guess how smoothly Baby’s “one final job” goes), but what makes this action romp so remarkable is the direction from Wright. The British filmmaker perfectly syncs up the on-screen events with the movie’s carefully-selected soundtrack, delivering car-chases and dramatic sequences that constantly amaze. There’s been talks of a sequel for ages, and after watching the original, you’ll also join the chorus begging for more.  

Genre: Action
Rotten Tomatoes score: 92%
Stream it on Netflix

'Blackfish' (2013) 

“Blackfish” is a shocking documentary exploring the world of killer whale captivity and the tragic consequences of keeping these sea creatures caged up. The feature-length doc covers a lot of ground but is focused primarily on the orca known as Tilikum and the disturbing circumstances that saw the whale drown a SeaWorld trainer, Dawn Brancheau, in 2010. Making the matter even more harrowing, Tilikum had previously been responsible for the death of two other people.

The 2013 documentary also examines the inhuman methods used to capture killer whales, and the unsuitable habitats they are often held in. These factors have a measurable impact on their mood and temperament, and in the case of Tilikum lead to multiple tragedies. “Blackfish” is a frequently uncomfortable watch, but it’s also deeply fascinating. By the time the credits roll, you’ll probably be rethinking taking another trip to your local sea life park.  

Genre: Documentary
Rotten Tomatoes score: 99%
Stream it on Netflix

'American Graffiti' (1973)

Before “Star Wars” there was “American Graffiti”. George Lucas’ tribute to 60s rock ‘n’ roll culture may not have any lightsabers, but it’s certainly not lacking inventive filmmaking. Set on the last evening of summer vacation in 1962, this coming-of-age comedy sees a group of high school graduates get together for one last night of hijinks and easy-riding fun in their small California town before setting off on the next chapter of their young lives. 

Starring Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard, Paul Le Mat and Candy Clark, “American Graffiti” was a hit upon release, and over the decades has left a clear imprint on the cinematic landscape. While much of the movie is played for laughs, what makes this quintessentially American flick special is the dramatic edge. Its cast of characters appear carefree on the surface as they enjoy an evening of innocence, but the sobering realities of adulthood are looming in the shadows. “American Graffiti” is a relatable tale for anybody who’s experienced growing, regardless of the decade. 

Genre: Comedy
Rotten Tomatoes score: 95%
Stream it on Netflix

'One Piece Film: Red' (2022)

I have to confess that I’m far from an expert when it comes to the sprawling “One Piece” franchise, but based on the critical and commercial reception of “One Piece Film: Red”, it’s pretty clear that it’s a feature-length anime of real quality. However, as the 15th (yes, 15!) "One Piece" film, it’s probably not an ideal jumping-in point for newcomers. 

Part action-fantasy adventure, part toe-tapping musical, “One Piece Film: Red” sees the Straw Hat Pirates set off for the island of Eleia to attend a concert by Uta, a beloved singer, notorious for hiding her identity when performing. However, excitement builds when Uta announces she will reveal herself to the world during her latest performance, but it turns out this is actually a cover for a much more shocking plan. And once again it’s up to Luffy, and his crew mates, to save the day.  

Genre: Adventure
Rotten Tomatoes score: 95%
Stream it on Netflix

'King Richard' (2021)

The movie that won Will Smith his Oscar — although let’s not talk about his actions on that particular night — “King Richard” is arguably more of a performance than a satisfying movie as a whole, but what a performance from the veteran actor. Smith embodies the role of Richard Williams, father to tennis greats Serena and Venus, with unflinching dedication. 

“King Richard” is a fairly standard sports biopic, but it offers an intriguing insight into the father who pushed two young girls to become two of the greatest tennis players in history. However, while Richard may have been a coach capable of moulding his daughters into sporting superstars, he was also a very flawed individual, and the movie isn’t afraid to explore the darker side of the larger-than-life character. “King Richard” may not be the most original sports biopic, but with a towering turn from Smith, it’s worth watching through to its satisfying conclusion. 

Genre: Biopic
Rotten Tomatoes score: 90%
Stream it on Netflix from April 24

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