Netflix is getting every season of ‘Lost’ this year — here’s when you can stream

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“We have to go back!” is a sentence that sends tingles down the spine of anybody who was watching TV in the mid-2000s. It’s not just one of the most iconic lines ever from “Lost”’ but also rather fitting as the juggernaut sci-fi TV show is heading back to Netflix this summer.  

What’s on Netflix reports that all six seasons (121 episodes total) of “Lost” will arrive on the world’s most popular streaming service on July 1, 2024. This will mark the show’s return to Netflix after it left the platform in January 2018, switching over to Hulu.

The same source claims that a deal has been struck to keep the show on Netflix until January 1, 2026, which gives you 18 months to watch through every dramatic twist and turn. But “Lost” is such a compelling show that you'll most likely binge-watch the complete series in just a matter of weeks. 

If you’re the impatient type, you can start watching “Lost” right now on Amazon’s free streaming service, Freevee. All six seasons are available on Freevee but you'll have to tolerate advertisements. 

Otherwise, the complete series can still be found on Hulu in the U.S. and Disney Plus in the U.K.

'Lost' is the best binge-watch ever 

Often cited as the archetypal example of “watercooler TV” — essentially a show that is so engrossing people feel compelled to discuss it with friends, family and work colleagues — “Lost” is arguably the best show to binge-watch ever made. 

As somebody who watched a sizeable portion of the show as it aired (I joined the bandwagon at the beginning of season 3), I can confirm that waiting seven days between episodes was tortuous. If I’d had the option to instantly click “watch next episode” back then, I’d almost certainly have finished the show in just a few days.  

If you missed the boat, or have somehow never heard of “Lost”, it’s a sci-fi mystery drama that focuses on the survivors of a plane crash. The passengers wash up on the shores of a tropical island but quickly discover they’re stranded in a place full of dark secrets. Each episode features a storyline set in the present, as well as flashbacks to a highlighted character's life before their time on the island. 

“Lost” is so compelling because practically every episode opens up a new set of mysteries, and while later seasons were criticized for failing to deliver all the answers, once you start watching it’s hard to stop. The show also features a strong cast with Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Jorge Garcia, Josh Holloway, Maggie Grace, Daniel Dae Kim, Dominic Monaghan and Terry O’Quinn all bringing to life characters that stay with you. 

I personally rank “Lost” as one of my favorite ever TV shows — yes, I even like the divisive finale — and while I’ve binged the complete series several times already, its return to Netflix is the perfect excuse to start over again. Although, I’m not entirely sure I can wait until July so I guess I’ll just have to break out my old “Lost” DVDs. 

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