This 14-inch laptop just crashed to $99 on Walmart for Black Friday

Gateway 14 inch laptop with deal tag
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It's not every day that you find a Windows laptop on sale for $99. But that's exactly what Walmart is offering as part of its early Black Friday deals with this Gateway 14.1" Ultra Silm Notebook. 

Right now the Gateway 14.1' Ultra Silm Notebook is on sale for $99 at Walmart. That's a massive $130 saving on the previous price for what is a great entry-level computer for children or students. 

Gateway 14.1" Ultra Slim Notebook: $229$99 @ Walmart 

Gateway 14.1" Ultra Slim Notebook: $229 $99 @ Walmart 
With a full HD 1080p screen and an 8.5-hour battery life, this Gateway Ultra Slim Notebook is great for streaming video or video calls — perfect for school or college. While not the most powerful machine with its Intel Celeron chip and 4GB of RAM, at this price it is a fantastic entry-level machine.

The specs on the Gateway 14.1" Ultra Silm Notebook are definitely not high end, but they're good for the price. It's powered by a Intel Celeron processor, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, and it comes with Windows 10 S, so you'll want to upgrade to regular Windows 10.

At this price, it is a great laptop for children or to help with schoolwork. The 14" screen offers full HD capability, great for streaming YouTube or Netflix, or you can connect to a big screen for movie night via the mini HDMI port. Either way, two built-in stereo speakers will keep things sounding clear.

Other features include Bluetooth integration, a front-facing webcam and a built-in microphone. And you get a solid 8.5 hours of rated battery life.  

While users shouldn't expect to have dozens of tabs open at once, a dual-core Intel Celeron processor should be more than enough for word processing and homework assignments. The Gateway Ultra Slim Notebook may be fairly straightforward in its functionality, but it does the simple things well. 

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