This AI tool can draft all your email replies for you — meet Superhuman AI

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Superhuman AI is on a mission to help you reach Inbox Zero faster and more efficiently than what you've gotten used to.

The AI email company built for teams using Gmail or Outlook just unveiled its new feature called Instant Reply. While Gmail does offer Smart Compose options to respond to an email with a few words that it generates, Instant Reply prepares replies that are more nuanced.

Superhuman says it’s been testing Instant Reply with thousands of users who claim they’re now writing emails twice as fast.

How it works

Once an email comes in, you’ll have the option of choosing between one of three replies. While these initial prompts are short, the emails they generate are full-sentence replies.

Users of Superhuman AI were already receiving one-line auto summaries above each email in their inbox, often helping them skip reading the full email entirely when the summary sufficed. Now, thanks to the Instant Reply feature users can speed up their reply process too.

In a video demonstrating the feature, Rahul receives an email from Marlene inviting him to speak on a virtual panel. Three reply options are presented: Interested, can’t do it, and need more info.

Clicking on ‘interested’ generated the line “Hi Marlene, thanks for the invite! I’m definitely interested in joining the panel.” Rahul can then send the one-liner as is or add some more text manually.

Superhuman AI also had some input from OpenAI to improve its products. OpenAI COO Brad Lightcap said in a statement that Superhuman is all about making workers faster and more productive, adding they’re excited to keep the partnership going.

Superhuman’s starter plan will set you back $30 a month, meaning you’re paying around $2 for every hour of work that the AI tool saves you from doing.

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