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The NFL replaces playbooks.

9 Things You Haven’t Tried With Your Tablet, Yet

We liked this article on the National Football League contemplating replacing the coach's playbook with tablets. Like the airline pilots, it would replace a lot of paper. According to the article, each team goes through up to 5,000 pages of paper printouts per game.

The tablet would mean wireless access to photos and downloads of data. After all, there are coaches at the top of the stadium with the bird's eye view in constant communication with the coaches on the field.

This would let the coaches share data and pictures and quickly call up drawings of plays for the players to discuss during a sideline huddle.

So what's stopping coaches from rolling this out? Security. They are concerned that if a tablet is lost, their secret plays might get out, so until tablets can be remotely wiped in case of loss, coaches are holding off.

Of all the industries that have talked about using tablets, only the NFL expressed concern about security. Go figure.

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