In Pictures: Apple's iPad

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  • quantumrand
    Awesome, an $830 iPhone that wont fit in your pocket and has less than half the battery life. Put me down for 6!
  • jomofro39
    I love people who immediately drool over new Apple products, they are bound to keep this economy growing. And lol @ quan's comment. My thoughts exactly when I saw the pricing scheme.
  • jeraldjunkmail
    Anyone here remember Microsoft Bob and how well that went over with the public?
  • rh_dog
    I still can't get over the effin' name... the Mad TV iPad spoof commercial says it all.
  • Tomsguiderachel
    I, for one, am very skeptical about this product, but lots of people that I normally respect very much when it comes to future-looking ideas about technology really think this is the next big thing. Are these smart people just wrong? Or is there something I'm not getting? My biggest problem with the product is its focus on media consumption rather than on communication (if I had to boil it down to one complaint).
  • edward396
    Jesus Christ people all it is is a new toy that is all nothing else you can go masturbate for free and be just as satisfied. Except masturbation will not set you back $800.00+. Think when Apple made Macs in color woopie wow it was neat so is the I-PAD the main point behind it is to keep all the Mac geeks turbo energized and to spend more money on Apple and make Bill gates even richer I assume that all of you know Bill Gates has something like 40 million dollars in Apple stock all because he knows how to make money.
  • Anonymous
    If the IPAD is for women's use (a novelty), then I'll buy it. Otherwise, if it's just another computer in a small package, then forget it.
  • FeickoClock
    Well: people don't need it but sure they want it
  • Luscious
    Slates do have advantages when working in certain circumstances, but I'd say those applications-of-use are few and far between. After looking at the details and specs I said to myself "OK, where do I use an iPad where a smartphone/netbook combo would kick me to the curb?" I'm still looking for the answer.

    The truth is $600 gets you a smartphone AND netbook that beats the iPad for both productivity and portability. $130 for a 3G chip that costs maybe $30? RIPOFF!

    As for the lack of flash support, that's now become a double-edged sword in my opinion. While it does make netbooks superior to the iPad for surfing, it's high time somebody gave Adobe a wake-up call! Rather than bash Apple, Adobe's suits should focus on reworking their resource hog, especially if HTML5 succeeds in cannibalizing flash content.
  • Goro
    Control of media delivery....
  • jerreece
    At least Apple learned their AT&T lesson....

    Even better are the data plans: $15 for 250 MB a month, or $30 for unlimited data. Both plans are through AT&T.

    Oh wait, no they didn't....