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EA Sells Battlefield 3, Dead Space 3, More in Humble Bundle

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Here's an incredible deal from Humble Bundle.

Humble Bundle has revealed another amazing offer for PC gamers that will undoubtedly generate loads of cash for charities. This one is called the Humble Origin Bundle, and as the title indicates, it's packed full of triple-A games from Electronic Arts spanning multiple genres. It will be available for the next 13 days or so, and so far the average purchase price is $4.74 USD.

According to Humble Bundle, some of the resulting money will go towards paying the company's bills while EA/Origin's portion will be donated to five charities: the Human Rights Campaign, the American Red Cross, Watsi, the American Cancer Society, and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Customers will have control over how much each charity will receive from their purchase, and how much Humble Bundle will receive to pay for bandwidth, the promotion and so on.

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As with the previous Humble Bundles, gamers pay for what they want as long as it’s a buck ($1) or more. In this package, titles include Dead Space, Dead Space 3, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Crysis 2 Maximum Edition, Mirror's Edge and Medal of Honor. Both Origin and Steam codes will be provided for each save for Dead Space 3 which is Origin only. Pay more than the current average, and receive Battlefield 3 (Origin only), The Sims 3 plus the Starter Pack (Origin only), and the soundtracks for both.

So far this particular bundle has generated just over $3.6 million USD across more than 400,000 purchases, with the numbers climbing as we type. The largest purchases so far include $1,256, $1,000, $510.42, $500 and $300. Consumers can pay set amounts including $10, $25, $50 and $100, or choose a custom amount. The bundle can even be purchased as a gift, allowing customers to provide the receiving gamer a special URL that will provide the gaming goods.

All games received in this bundle are for Windows PC only save for The Sims 3 and the Starter Pack which is also available for Mac. This Starter Pack includes The Sims 3 Late Night Expansion Pack and The Sims 3 High-End Loft Stuff. On their own, all of these EA titles would cost about $215 in-store and via online distribution platforms.

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    rmpumper , August 15, 2013 8:22 AM
    EA’s David DeMartini, Senior Vice President of Global Ecommerce, when asked about replicating Steam’s strategy of giving deep digital discounts: “We won’t be doing that. Obviously they think it’s the right thing to do after a certain amount of time. I just think it cheapens your intellectual property. I know both sides of it, I understand it. If you want to sell a whole bunch of units, that is certainly a way to do that, to sell a whole bunch of stuff at a low price. The gamemakers work incredibly hard to make this intellectual property, and we’re not trying to be Target. We’re trying to be Nordstrom. When I say that, I mean good value – we’re trying to give you a fair price point, and occasionally there will be things that are on sale you could look for a discount, just don’t look for 75 percent off going-out-of-business sales.”

    June 2012.

    Anyways, I hope this means more deals on EA games, and especially DLC. For *ucks sake, ME1, ME2, ME3 DLCs are all priced the same as when they where released (even ME3 Limited Edition with was 9 USD on amazon, while the included DLC separately was and still is 10 USD).
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    wanderer11 , August 15, 2013 8:35 AM
    I wonder if they are going to add games later on like every other bundle has done. Either way it's a great deal and you get two keys for most games; Steam and Origin.
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    vinhn , August 15, 2013 8:56 AM
    @rmpumper, This isn't a sale that goes to EA, all revenue generated is going to charities.
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    spat55 , August 15, 2013 9:01 AM
    Think EA are trying to get good publicity for there upcoming games. I spent $2 on it, not because I am tight, but because I own half of the games on offer, along with the fact it is a overseas (U.S.A) charities it is going to. (Not that I am against americans, but it would be nice to have a option to support other nations?)
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    michael908 , August 15, 2013 9:05 AM
    Wow, this is an incredible deal. I'm surprised EA is offering so many titles with all the proceeds going to charity. $4 million raised so far too, that's really great.
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    bruce555 , August 15, 2013 9:09 AM
    How can Origin be anything but second to Steam when Origin has the inferior product and refuses to try and lure customers to their platform where there is zero customer gain to do so?

    Origin is always broken and barely works.

    Rather than being as good at what Steam does and then bringing more to their Origin platform, they're stuck with a zero community, zero innovative, pop up store which can only let you buy games sometimes, only let you install those games you buy sometimes, and does not put the effort/money in to support their own "Higher Quality, Non Cheap" second rate platform.
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    michael908 , August 15, 2013 9:16 AM
    Wow, this is an incredible deal. I'm surprised EA is offering so many titles with all the proceeds going to charity. $4 million raised so far too, that's really great.
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    ssalim , August 15, 2013 9:18 AM
    Bought one yesterday for $4.73 -- amazing crazy deal for those games, albeit old. However, origin has/had problem last night with coupon redeem section so I couldn't add any. I'll try again tonight.
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    bryonhowley , August 15, 2013 9:25 AM
    Great deal but I already have most of these games already between Steam and Origin. As for the ones claiming "Origin is always broken and barely works" I have over 50 games on Origin and have never had a problem with it or the games on it. Yes there were a few teething pains in the beginning during the beta but those have all been worked a long time ago.
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    acehawk , August 15, 2013 9:27 AM
    Paid $1, that's all it's worth, especially with the above average bonus games being Origin only. No incentive to pay for them at all since Origin is total garbage which I refuse to ever touch.
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    michael908 , August 15, 2013 9:38 AM
    Origin is working fine, I'm currently downloading medal of honor at 8mb/s and have redeemed all my games.
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    edogawa , August 15, 2013 9:42 AM
    This was one of the best humble deals I've seen yet. I bought the pack, and gave extra copies to a friend. No matter what you say, this is an amazing deal!
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    belardo , August 15, 2013 9:43 AM
    I actually want some of these games... but EA... SecuROM7.... er, no. Even thou its through Steam, EA still installs their crapware.
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    theclouds , August 15, 2013 9:52 AM
    Humble Bundle gets my vote. Incredible value, and for a good cause. Even though I have the games already, I bought two bundles to gift my friends (so they could go on co-op). If this trends continues, I might not find myself preordering new titles outright....except BF4 - can't wait!
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    rmpumper , August 15, 2013 9:59 AM
    acehawk "Origin is total garbage which I refuse to ever touch". How do you know it's garbage if you never tried it? Just like to troll or something?
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    spentshells , August 15, 2013 10:19 AM
    I want it but I simply will not join Origin

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    acehawk , August 15, 2013 10:20 AM
    Let me clarify, which I refuse to ever touch again. I used it briefly when I bought BF3, realized it was terrible, and promptly swore to never again play an EA game that required to to use it.
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    Onus , August 15, 2013 10:47 AM
    I haven't bought one of these yet, but I've bookmarked it to check weekly. I've noticed they take BTC, and since I have a few bitcoins, this may be how I'll spend them.
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    dalethepcman , August 15, 2013 1:35 PM
    Damn.. When I read the headline I was hoping EA was selling the franchise, not just selling a bunch of old games...
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    alidan , August 15, 2013 2:39 PM

    every game in that sale hit the parody point where they are no longer selling units or enough, and the good will this draws is now more valuable.

    that said, im expecting the battlefield 3 dlc in a week.
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