Best Bluetooth Speakers 2015

Bluetooth speakers have come a long way since their early years, and now offer a rich, enveloping experience to anyone who wants to stream music wirelessly from a smartphone or a tablet. Plus, there's a Bluetooth speaker for just about every person, from those who want only the best sound, to outdoor adventurers and bass heads.

Our top overall pick remains the Fugoo Style because of its excellent audio quality, compact design and long battery life. It's also waterproof. If you're looking to spend less than $100, get the Jawbone Mini Jambox, and our top pick under $50 is the JBL Clip.

Here's a list of our favorite picks for any location or occasion. 

How We Tested

We rounded up a number of Bluetooth speakers and put them through a series of tests, which included listening to a wide range of music. We also tested speakerphone capabilities (if available) and played tunes continuously to see how long the speakers' batteries lasted. We also considered the quality of the design and ease of use and setup.

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