Meet TOTO's Toilet-Powered Motorcycle

Japan is home to many of the world's most sophisticated toilets such as the Numi, or these, but we have to admit we were a bit shocked to learn about this eco-friendly motorcycle toilet hybrid by Japanese toilet manufacturer TOTO. Created to show off TOTO's environmentally friendly resolve, this unusual toilet converts human waste into bio-fuel that powers the motorcycle.As if that wasn't strange enough, the toilet is also able to talk to people as well as play music. We seriously doubt that TOTO actually expects anybody to ride around on this thing, after all there must be some law out there that forbids taking care of 'business' in public while operating a vehicle. If it's a marketing campaign to gain publicity, we would have to applaud TOTO's success on this one. Check out the video below to see the talking toilet for yourself!

Toilet Bike

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