Google's Schmidt: Kids Need 'Online Talk' Before Sex Talk

There's no question that kids today are growing up in a very different time compared to generations past. Thanks to the internet and devices such as smartphones, technology has a huge impact on how children develop and it's important for parents to educate their children on the proper use of these technologies. In fact, Google's Eric Schmidt thinks the 'online talk' should come before sex education.

Schmidt, who has spoken in the past about protecting minors from their online mistakes, told Reuters that parents need to educate their children on online safety and privacy online. Schmidt described user generated content as a privacy nightmare for a 15-year-old.

"Because, when you're about 15, and you do something stupid and you go to juvenile court and they say, 'Okay, you're just a kid. If you get to 18 and you don't do it again, we'll clear your record, no one will ever know,'" Schmidt said. "Well now, it's gonna follow you for the rest of your life. And I'd argue for those of you with teenagers or pre-teens, you should probably have the online talk before you even have the sex talk with your kid, because that's the kind of damage they can do to themselves over their entire life."

Back in 2010, Eric Schmidt commented that he thought a time would come when young people would be allowed to change their name when they became an adult, just to escape the stupid things their real name may be associated with online.

If you remember 'Hello My Future Girlfriend' or 'Star Wars Kid,' you'll know what Google chief Eric Schmidt is talking about. Sometimes, we post things online without thinking about the consequences. Other times, our friends are the culprits, making something embarrassing available for the world to see, without first asking if we mind. Schmidt clearly believes that educating children on the permanent nature of the internet is the best way to protect their privacy.

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