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Making the Wires Disappear

How To: Install a Satellite Car Radio

After everything is in place and set up and you get good reception, you still have a car that has wires all over the place. So now, it’s time to hide them. It is a tedious task, but an easy one.

Follow the wires from the source to the destination and look for seams where they can be tucked in. Every place where two pieces of plastic meet is an opportunity to hide wires.

For example, much of the antenna wire can be inserted in a space between the windshield and dashboard, while other wires can be slipped between the dash and the car’s front pillar, a doorway seam, or where the center console meets the underside of the dashboard.

I like to use a tongue depressor to gently press a wire into a seam until it disappears, but you can use a thin piece of wood or plastic. Don’t have a tongue depressor? Try a thin piece of plastic or take a piece of wood–the harder the better—and shave it down to about 1/4 of an inch thick with a plane or sandpaper. Voila, you’re ready to do cable magic. Don’t use a knife or screwdriver because you might damage your interior or the wires.

If you’ve found a tough spot where you can’t figure out where to stuff a wire, be imaginative and try rerouting it a different way. For instance, I ran the audio cable in the glove box through the light housing so that it emerged under the glove box. It took me awhile to figure it out, but it works.

At some point you’ll probably end up with a large coil of wire that needs to do a disappearing act. You can get it out of sight under one of the seats or, as I did, under the glove compartment. My car has two screws that loosen a flexible plastic cover under the glove compartment that’s perfect for stashing the wires. Just use a wire wrap or a tie wrap to keep the coil from getting sloppy.

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