VP Joe Biden Meeting with Gun and Games Industry Concludes, No Official Statements Yet

Last week, Vice President Joe Biden gathered industry leaders from videogame and gun industries to discuss the issue of gun violence after the tragedy in Sandy Hook.

According to Polygon's sources, so far, things are shaping up to look like the videogame industry will maintain the status quo. Apparently, the vice president was "cordial" and "reasonable" when discussing videogame violence with industry professionals ESA president Michael Gallagher, ESRB president Patricia Vance, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg, EA CEO John Riccitiello, Epic Games former president Mike Capps, and ZeniMax CEO Robert Altman.

The vice president made it clear that he was not singling out the videogame industry, stating "I come to this meeting with no judgment," he said. "You all know the judgment other people have made."

"We're anxious to see if there is anything you can suggest to us [the government]," he stated, because the U.S. has had a "problem beyond quote-unquote massacres."

The goal of Biden's meeting with the entertainment and gun groups is to get a proposal on how the nation is to deal with gun violence. He was tasked with it by President Obama after the elementary school shooting. Whatever Biden's findings are, it's assumed that Obama will be addressing them during his State of the Union speech, which is to come sometime this month.

The good news for concerned gamers is that the vice president doesn't appear to be going the path of be scapegoating the videogames industry like many other politicians and pro-gun groups have done. "We know there is no silver bullet," the vice president said, "we know this is a complex problem. We know there's no single answer."

Biden's meeting with the videogame industry is available for public viewing on YouTube, here.


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  • JonnyDough
    A simple solution: Parents could solve this problem by simply, you know, parenting.
  • itchyisvegeta
    I will sum up this entire meeting for them, and save us some tax payer money in travel expenses, and save them some time:

  • edogawa
    Games have nothing to do with the violence...if they start banning violent games like GTA, I will rage.
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  • shikamaru31789
    As long as they don't try to do something crazy like ban GTA V, I'll be happy.
  • cuecuemore
    An expert like Biden should be able to make everything all better. But seriously, games still aren't the problem.
  • Xatos
    Nothing like a genius VP getting the job done alongside the One.

    I'm so damned tired of this stupid liberalism crap.