Developer Creates iOS Maps App Based on Google Maps

Following what's now known as Mapplegate with Apple's heavily scrutinized Maps App introduced by iOS 6, a developer has created his own maps app predominately based off Google's renowned maps service.

Katsumi Kishikawa has developed a simplistic and straightforward app called Classicmaps, which replaces Apple Maps with a design striking a similar resemblance to the now-removed Google Maps app.

While it doesn't offer notable features such as public transport directions, navigation and Street View, the app is the closest resolution to having a Google Maps app on your iDevice. Or you can settle for the more complete iOS web Google Maps app.

As for Apple's own maps app, it has since shown signs of improvements following an apology letter from CEO Tim Cook.


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  • eternalkp
    apple apps are "news" now?
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  • eternalkp
    apple apps are "news" now?
  • techcurious
    eternalkpapple apps are "news" now?

    Although there normally is a bit too much focus and fuss on every tiny thing to do with Apple, when the CEO of Apple comes out and apologizes about a poorly functioning app, then an alternative to said app (which incidentally uses resources from a controversially discontinued and better performing app) is more newsworthy than at least half the other Apple news around.