Google Announces Cutbacks on Staff and Services

Yesterday was a busy day in the world of Google Blogging. The company posted five blogs detailing cutbacks it was making and services that it would be ditching. Among the axed services are Dodgeball and Google Notebook.

The first post came at about 3 p.m. in the afternoon. Laszlo Bock, VP of People Operations, reminded readers that Google had made it clear  during the company’s last quarterly earnings call that it was slowing down on hiring. However, given the state of the economy, the company needed fewer people focusing on recruitment. Makes sense. Less hiring, less people being paid to hire. The company had just cut all external contracts with recruitment agencies and yesterday announced that it would be eliminating a further 100 positions in its recruitment organization.

The next announcement came via the Google Book Search blog. The company announced that Google Catalogue Search, a tool that made it possible to search the entire text of a catalogue was being ditched so that the team could focus on some of Google’s more popular products like Google Book Search.

Next to go was Google Notebook development. Raj Krishnan, Product Manager at Google Notebook said that the company was stopping active development for Notebook  but retaining the service as a whole.

“Starting next week, we plan to stop active development on Google Notebook. This means we'll no longer be adding features or offer Notebook for new users,” he explained. “But don't fret, we'll continue to maintain service for those of you who've already signed up,” Raj added.

Google also ditched, a mobile social networking service that lets you share your location with friends via text message and Google Mashup Editor, which is currently only in private beta. For the last few months Google has been in the process of porting Jaiku over to Google App Engine. After the migration is complete, Google will release the Jaiku Engine project on Google Code under the Apache License.

Lastly, the company is cutting off user uploads for Google Video. Content already uploaded will remain online but once Google Video uploads is switched off (which Google says will happen in the next few months), users will have to turn to YouTube if they wish to upload any of their home movies.

Check out the full blogs here, here, here and here.

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  • Anonymous
    Turning off google video? It makes sense now that they own youtube, but still, it's very surprising to me. Why not just delete whats already there then? Google video being left up is now useless.