VOTW: Texting Girl Trips Right into Mall Fountain

Remember the girl who walked into a manhole because she was too busy texting to look where she was going? The Staten Island teen fell between four and five feet into a sewer while Department of Environmental Protection workers had their backs turned (they were actually grabbing cones to mark the open manhole). Well, here’s another instance of textually impaired walking. There was no sewer involved this time, though there was a fountain, some mall security cameras (TWO angles!), and more than likely a bruised ego and a wet phone. The girl is fine. According to the people shooting the video (mall employees), housekeeping asked her if she was okay and she responded, "I'm just a little wet."

(via Gawker)

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  • mtyermom
    I wish I could have been there, for her to hear my laughter.
  • wudu
    cykroFake.She lifts up her leg just before she hits the fountain.If she was unaware of the obstacle both her legs would be on ground level.

    There is something called peripheral vision, you actually can see an obstacle even if not looking at it, and basic motoring reaction of your body is to, in this case, climb it, hence the risen foot.
  • thirdshop
    zodiacfmlagree with the guy it being fake, was referring to the 2nd angle wherein a leg was raised was above the fountain's wall.

    So, you never noticed anything at the last minute, tried to take an action but it was too late? Wow, it must be nice to focused peripheral vision and super fast reflexes, you must be an NHL goalie.
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  • tmk221
  • mtyermom
    I wish I could have been there, for her to hear my laughter.
  • mrpijey
    Isn't the common consensus that women multitask better than men? Apparently they don't.... :).

    I wonder if she explained to her friend she was texting why she stopped texting all of a sudden... :).