Facebook Developing App for Tracking Friends

Social network leader, Facebook, is said to be working on a standalone application that tracks a user's friends.

Bloomberg said that the app, which has yet to be named, is scheduled for release in March. The app itself would track a member's location, which will run in the background, even when it hasn't been recently opened. It'll then share that location with friends who are at a nearby location.

The rumored project bears a resemblance to apps including Foursquare, Highlight, Google's Latitude and Apple's Find My Friends. However, the majority of such apps have yet to be adopted by a large percentage of smartphone owners. Facebook, however, has over one billion active monthly members.

Its monthly mobile users, meanwhile, is 680 million. For the first time in the firm's history, Facebook's mobile daily active users exceeded web DAUs. The company also recently revealed Graph Search, an extremely specific search tool for the social network.


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  • downhill911
    I think that such app is already developed and is being used to track all Mark Zuckerberg Facebook friends. He has over a billion of them.
  • tokencode
    Isn't facebook invasive enough? I don't like my personal information being a product sold by a company....
  • diddo
    Wasn't it called stalking in the pre Facebook era? ;) just kidding...