Golden Coffin Has Built-In Cell Phone

Now this is the way to go: a golden coffin equipped with a built-in cell phone. Priced at a meager $381,000, this eternal bed was apparently designed to distinguish dead billionaires from the lower-classed millionaires.

The golden coffin is currently on tour with many other outrageous items geared for the outrageously rich (including a diamond-studded, cancan-style wedding dress just under $300K). However, it made a recent stop at an international luxury fair in Verona as reported here by the AFP.

We're not exactly sure why anyone would need a built-in cell phone after you're dead and buried. Then again, you could fake your death, place a call to the mistress, have her dig you out, and then run off with the billions you left her in the will.

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  • falchard
    It should snap a photo of you every day and update it on your Facebook.
  • orbitron
    No thank you.. I want internet.
  • zachary k
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  • redplanet_returns
    so if i can somehow afford this, will they cancel my contract if i die??

    oh wait a sec...
  • fflam
    its not so much a problem anymore. but there used to be quite of few people declared dead and buried alive. even now there is still a lot of people with the fear of being buried alive. look up some of the other devices invented so people could notify others if they were mistakenly buried.
  • orbitron
    No thank you.. I want internet.