Apple 'Back to Mac' Event Hints at OS X 'Lion'

Apple has just sent out press invites for its next event and though the lion on the invitation implies we can expect the event to revolve around OS X, it hasn't stopped the rumors about new hardware.

Top of the list is a new MacBook Air. Talk of a new model has been doing the rounds for a while and the super-skinny laptop has been in limited supply over the last couple of weeks. Rumor has it the new model will tout a smaller, 11.6-inch display and Intel's Core i-series ultra-low voltage processors.

If we're to believe everything the rumor mill churns out, a Verizon iPhone could also be on the agenda. However, considering AT&T's exclusivity agreement doesn't expire until 2012 and the fact that Apple traditionally launches phones in June, this seems about as likely as an appearance by Steve Ballmer. We can't imagine Apple would announce a Verizon iPhone and not give the device its own dedicated event complete with cryptic invitation. Still, Steve Jobs is known for his, "One more thing …" finales at press events.

The event is going down this day next week at 10 a.m. PT so be sure to tune in for the full scoop!

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  • stm1185
    It would take a new Desktop based off Sandybridge Core i7 processors with AMD HD 6000 series graphics with only a couple hundred dollar mark up, instead of the usual $500-1000 to get me interested in a Mac.

    Sadly that will never happen.
  • mayne92
    HA, I laugh at the typical suspense propaganda from Apple.
  • stm1185
    Marco925Tigers... lions... Leopards... is there a feline we haven't used yet?

    0SX 11 Liger
  • Other Comments
  • Spanky Deluxe
    Can't wait!
  • mayne92
    HA, I laugh at the typical suspense propaganda from Apple.
  • cj_online
    +1 for OS X 'Lion' (innovation is always good thing... for the most part >_