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Tom's Guide has everything you need to know about tablets, from top hardware picks and apps to news and analysis. Plus, get all the latest tablet rumors.


From thrilling shooters and fighting games to turn-based wargames and puzzlers, here are the 20 best free Android games.


From nimble, cloud-based streaming players to feature-packed apps for audiophiles, here's the best Android music player apps for your listening pleasure.

Downloads for Tablets

software editor's choice
  • SketchBook Express for Tablets - free

    Draw and sketch with SketchBook Express for Tablets for Android.

    available for : android
  • AI - Keyboard for Tablet - free

    Get a floating key board on yuor Android with AI - Keyboard for tablets.

    available for : android
  • BeyondPod for Tablets - free

    Listen to podcasts on your tablets with BeyondPod for Tablets for Android.

    available for : android
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picture story - AUGUST 4 8

Make the home screen your own with these feature-packed, innovative and customizable Android launcher apps.

picture story - JULY 31 1

From old-school dungeon crawlers to modern action RPGs, these are the best mobile RPGs for your Android or iOS device.

news - JULY 29 11

Is Nvidia's Tegra K1-powered Shield Tablet gaming's next big thing? Here's what the critics say.

news - JULY 21 4

Plastic surgery goes digital with a new Beauty Mirror app for iOS that reshapes your face in real time.

picture story - JULY 11 1

Plan out your vacation with these 15 holiday and travel applications!

news - JULY 10 0

A new update to Google Camera allows users to snap photos remotely via their Android Wear watch.

picture story - JULY 7 1

Enhance your photos and make them more share-worthy with the best free and paid camera apps for your Android phone.

news - JUNE 30 5

With Android L, you can write your home Wi-Fi password to an NFC tag and let your friends access your network by tapping on the chip.

news - JUNE 27 6

Apple stops developing legacy photography software Aperture and iPhoto to focus on the newly announced Photos for iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite.

reviews - JUNE 27 1

Here are the best tablets for 2014. We name the best tablets in a variety of categories: best business tablet; best budget tablet; and more.

picture story - JUNE 26 1

Check out 25 essential free apps for new iPad users.

news - JUNE 12 5

The Svpeng malware has grown from a simple SMS Trojan to a sneaky piece of police ransomware, and now it's targeting U.S. Android phones.

picture story - JUNE 2 1

New technology from ASUS, Dell, HP and Lenovo debuted at Computex 2014 today.

news - MAY 30 1

Users of mobile banking apps have to protect themselves from cyberthieves. Here are eight tips to keep you safe while you bank on the fly.

picture story - MAY 20 4

Parental control apps allow parents to filter out adult content, restrict app use, and even monitor call, SMS and Internet activity. These are the best apps available.

news - MAY 9 0

Adobe's latest app makes it easy for you to create fun compelling videos with photos, text, narration and background music.

reviews - MAY 7 0

Find out which tablet is the perfect gift for your dad this Father's Day.

reviews - MARCH 28 2

Microsoft Office for iPad is a powerful, but pricey productivity suite that delivers a robust set of features in a touch-friendly format.

reviews - FEBRUARY 25 0

The free ViaProtect mobile app and accompanying website tell mobile users just how risky each of their apps and devices is.

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