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Fitness Trackers


Learn about the latest fitness, health and activity trackers that measure your vital signs, sleep and steps; and help you quantify yourself.


Check out these eight excellent diet and nutrition trackers that help you shop for healthy food, log your nutrition intake, and help you pick and choose a healthy diet plan.


The Runtastic Orbit is an easy-to-use fitness tracker that also keeps tabs on your sleep, but it doesn't do enough to stand out.

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news - SEPTEMBER 16 1

Misfit is launching the $50 Flash, a stylish fitness tracker that costs half as much as the original Shine.

news - SEPTEMBER 6 0

Sony's Smart Tennis Sensor plugs into rackets and monitors your stats in real-time to help improve your skills at the gentleman's sport.

news - SEPTEMBER 4 0

QardioArm is a portable blood pressure monitor that sends detailed health info to your smartphone.

news - SEPTEMBER 4 0

The Jabra Sports Pulse Wireless Earbuds can monitor heart rate accurately across a variety of activities without cumbersome chest straps.

news - SEPTEMBER 4 0

The Zenytime Puck lets users control games with their breath, as well as learn proper breathing habits in the process.

news - SEPTEMBER 4 0

The Garmin Vivosmart tracks your activity and receives notifications from your smartphone. Does this $170 device have enough to get you moving?

news - SEPTEMBER 3 0

Sony's Smartband Talk adds calling capabilities and an e-ink display to Sony's flagship fitness band.

news - SEPTEMBER 3 2

Sony's new SmartWatch 3 runs Google's Android Wear, while its SmartBand Talk adds some high-tech functionality to the everyday fitness band.

news - AUGUST 29 2

If the latest leaks are true, HTC could be showing off a fitness tracker and an Android Wear smartwatch in September.

news - AUGUST 26 5

Smart shirts and shoes with built-in biometric sensors will eliminate the need for clunky wristbands, and upending the fitness tracker market.

news - AUGUST 26 0

The Jaha is a fitness band that allows users to track other users, as well as challenge others to work out.

news - AUGUST 26 0

Swatch says it will add fitness tracking features to its Touch line of digital watches that could make them "smart" by early 2015.

news - AUGUST 21 0

runScribe is a new wearable sensor that tracks more fitness data than any other device on the market

news - AUGUST 6 1

Timex's new Ironman One GPS+ smartwatch provides a range of wireless services--without needing your phone.

reviews - AUGUST 5 1

Turn off that infinite runner and get moving with one of these 10 best running apps for Android and iOS.

news - AUGUST 1 1

Mio says that its Fuse smartband is the most accurate heart rate monitoring wearable without a chest strap.

news - JULY 31 0

Runtastic has finally run full-circle with the release of its $120 Orbit fitness tracker and running companion.

news - JULY 28 1

Actvcontent's Sync Smartband allows families to track their health, fitness and location via a simple app. We went hands-on.

news - JULY 25 1

Google's Project Baseline aims to amass a trove of human health and fitness data, which will be used for disease prevention and fitness tech.

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