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Yuneec's Typhoon H Drone Learns the Joy of Six Rotors

LAS VEGAS — Yuneec is betting that six rotors are better than one with its latest drone. The Typhoon H, announced at CES 2016 yesterday (Jan. 6), is a $1,799 hexacopter, featuring six rotors instead of the four in the quadcopters consumers are typically used to.

This will be Yuneec's first hexacopter for consumers when it ships in the second quarter of 2006. But the extra pair of rotors offer a key benefit to the Typhoon H. Should one rotar be knocked out of commission, the other five can still allow the drone to fly safely. The extra arms also provide more stability and allow the drone to carry a larger payload.

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The Typhoon H's arms also retract, allowing you to easily transport your drone to its next flight time.

The landing gear can also fold up during flight, giving the 360-degree rotating gimbal-mounted camera a clear view if you're capturing video or still images.

The Typhoon H can stay in the air for around 25 minutes, reaching top speeds of 30 mph.