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Official Xiaomi Mi Fold Video Teaser Looks Better Than Samsung or Huawei

Xiaomi has published a new trailer for its new Mi Fold device, a foldable triptych that makes more sense and looks a lot more useful and cooler than the Samsung Galaxy Fold or the Huawei Mate X.

The video — published on the Chinese social network Weibo by Xiaomi — just offers a new look at how the phone works when unfolded and how it folds.

The final size seems really compact in comparison to that ramen cup, and it has no side bezels thanks to its dual hinge design.

The user interface transition between unfold and fold looks pretty fast, but it’s yet to be seen how other apps react to the form factor change.

Credit: Xiaomi/Weibo

(Image credit: Xiaomi/Weibo)

Yesterday, a user revealed that the Samsung Galaxy Fold has creasing and user experience problems, so we will have to wait to try the Mi Fold to give any judgements about its performance. So far, however, it still seems like the best design of all the current foldables in the wild.

Also, apparently the Mi Fold goes well with ramen. And anything that goes well with ramen is objectively better.