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9 Weirdest Gadgets of Computex 2014

While gaming hardware, 4K displays and hybrids took center stage at Computex 2014, the Asia’s big tech event was also full of hidden gems. Out of the spotlight, vendors showcased novel heads-up displays and accessories to superpower your smartphone. From a case that turns your iPhone into a portable aromatherapy diffuser to a seat belt alarm that reminds you not to leave your child behind, here are the wackiest gadgets out of Taipei.

iDiffuser iPhone 5s Case

This case is a breath of fresh air. iDiffuser uses the heat from your iPhone to vaporize drops of essential oils or perfumes that you slide into the case to create your own personal fragrance bubble. Say goodbye to random stink attacks on the subway.

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Rosewill Humid Cup

Whether you're feeling dried out at work or in the car, Rosewill's USB humidifier will help you out. Keep your skin moist and prevent sore throats with this USB-powered device. The humidifier is also shaped like a coffee cup, and fits into a cup holder for easy positioning in your car.

Tablet Projector

If you don't have room in your tiny apartment for a TV, this tablet-projector combo could be a great space-efficient solution. The sleek 8-inch Android slate can be easily stowed on a shelf, and you can beam your movies or games to any blank surface.
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Why hold your phone up to a watch a movie, when you can find a headset that sticks it directly in your face?  Available for around $30 later this year, the PhoneStation has a mount that holds your smartphone screen at eye level while dual lenses make 3D content look particularly real.
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Flexible Watch Band Battery

Talk about mind-bending. ProLogium's flexible battery will withstand cuts, punctures and can even be bent while still continuing to provide a steady stream of power to your device. This battery is thinner than a business card and is being built into watch straps to power smartwatches.
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Intelligent Sensing Shirt

If you've fallen and you can't get up, a new smart shirt from Chunghwa Telecom and AiQ can help. Designed for nursing home patients and others in need of special care, the shirt constantly monitors your vital signs and alerts a caregiver or medical professional if you feel ill.
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Gun-shaped wireless speaker

Now you too can be a smooth criminal, thanks to Maxisys' gun-shaped mini wireless music players. These dangerous-looking speakers let you play music from memory cards, an FM radio tuner or an auxiliary connection. Pulling the trigger sounds a loud gunshot, while holding it down activates a built-in LED flash at the end. A grenade version is also available, which is just the bomb

Seat Belt Alarm

Tired of Junior trying to unbuckle himself in the backseat? A new technology pairs the seat belt buckle in your car or car seat with an alarm that plugs into the cigarette lighter. If your toddler opens the buckle while the engine is running, a buzz alerts you so you can make sure he stays safe. If you leave the belt buckled with the engine off, the alarm rings again to keep you from accidentally leaving your child in the car. (Hopefully, you don’t need that feature.)

Chinese God USB Flash Drive

Harness the power of the gods with this flash drive. While other USB drives made by this company split open to reveal the connector, this deity-inspired dongle’s connectors slide out of the gods’ hats. The company tells us this is because the gods have to remain indestructible.