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WebGL 1.0 HW Acceleration Spec 1.0 Released

There has been quite some buzz about the technology, which is seen as a way to accelerate complex 3D graphics in a browser window without the need of a separate plugin. WebGL describes an approach to enable OpenGL ES 2.0 via JavaScript in web content an accelerate via supporting hardware. WebGL has recently been pitched especially by Mozilla and Google as a technology to deliver stunning animations.       

"The ability for Web developers to directly access OpenGL-class graphics directly from JavaScript, and freely mix 3D with other HTML content, will enable a new wave of innovation in Web gaming, educational and training applications and graphically rich user interfaces to make the Web more enjoyable, productive and intuitive," Khronos wrote in a press release. WebGL is supported by Mozilla's Firefox 4 Beta, Opera 11.5, Apple's Safari 6 (nightly builds) as well as Google's Chrome 9 or higher.

In related news, Khronos announced the formation of the WebCL working group, which aims to enable OpenCL via JavaScript. OpenCL uses multicore-processors and GPUs to accelerate application processing. In a browser, WebCL could deliver much higher performances for web applications. Khronos mentioned image and video processing as well as advanced physics for web games as examples that could benefit from WebCL.