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Two Lightweight Laptops With Plenty of Battery Life and Power

New Technologies = Longer Battery Life

Just because a laptop is thin and light doesn't mean that it has to lack power. We took a look at products from Fujitsu and Toshiba, both of which have harnessed improved battery technology and low power components to make laptops that weigh less than 3.5 lbs and can run as long as five or four hours respectively on standard batteries.

The two laptops, Fujitsu's Lifebook B6110D and Toshiba's Portege R200, feature 12.1" displays, standard-size keyboards and fingerprint sensors for added security. Though our tests show neither to be a computing powerhouse, both can readily support office applications and Web browsing at home, in the office or on the road.

Fujitsu Lifebook B6110D

Toshiba Portege R200

If you have been lugging around a five- to eight-pound mobile computer, switching to the Fujitsu B6110D (3.3 lb) or the Toshiba R200 (2.84 lb) will help you understand what it is like when a baseball player knocks the warm-up weights off his bat. Even with their AC adapters in tow these lightweights are a pleasure to carry. However, slimness has a price. Neither of these mobile computers has a built-in CD/DVD drive. So taking such a drive with you necessitates adding a pound or so for a lightweight, battery-powered USB CD/DVD unit.

Though the two laptops performed differently in some of our tests, both attain long battery life in the same way. They use Intel's Pentium M 753 ultra low power 1.2 GHz CPU. The second secret to battery life lies in the batteries themselves. The Fujitsu has a 7.2 volt, 7200 milliamphour battery, while the Toshiba R200's battery specs at 11.4 volts and 3800 milliamphours.