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Twitter is Fixing The Biggest Problem With Its Live Videos

Twitter has already thrust itself into the world of live streaming video, but you probably haven't noticed. The rapid-fire social network now broadcasts select sporting and red carpet events, but unlike Facebook's extra-prominent live clips, you'll usually only see them if you're lucky enough to scroll down your timeline at the right time. Fortunately, Twitter appears to be working on a central hub dedicated to live events, which will hopefully launch ahead of the network's schedule of livestreamed NFL games

As tweeted by Twitter CFO Anthony Noto, the company is testing a "permanent location for events that are live." This was in response to a user who praised the app for streaming the PGA Tour, but noted that it was difficult to find the broadcast outside of an initial notification on his Twitter timeline.

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I used Twitter to watch last month's ELeague Counter Strike finals, and experienced similar frustrations. There was no way to access the live event from my Twitter home screen, and even after finding ELeague's Twitter account, I had to look for a specific tweet that contained the live video.

Twitter would also be wise to spruce up the look and feel of its live videos before it starts streaming more prime time events. The social network's video player page is incredibly plain and filled with lots of white space, with just a small video feed on the left and a timeline of event-related tweets on the right. It's an easy way to instantly tweet about whatever you're watching, but I never got the sense that I was in a room full of other fans like I do when chatting during a Facebook or Twitch broadcast.

Twitter certainly has some work to do if it wants to catch up with Facebook, where, according to TechCrunch, folks have watched over 100 million hours of live video. A dedicated live events hub should help with that, and fortunately, the company has some time to set things straight. The first Twitter-streamed NFL game will take place on Sept. 15 between the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills, with all of the season's Thursday Night Football games to follow.