How to Turn Off Location Services on iOS

The Location Services feature in iOS lets apps do a lot of great things. Mapping apps can figure out where you are and provide directions. Recommendation apps can offer up suggestions for nearby eateries. Camera apps can geotag your photos so you know where you took those selfies.

But grabbing all that data can put a hit on your iPhone's battery life. If you’d like your battery to last a little longer or if you’re just having second thoughts about giving some apps permission to use your location, here’s how to easily revoke an app’s access to Location Services -- or turn off Location Services completely.

1. Open the Settings app, then tap Privacy.

2. Tap Location Services. Here you can view a list of apps that have access to your location information, and a toggle switch to turn off Location Services entirely. If you want to turn off Location Services for all apps, slide the Location Services toggle to the off position.

3. Tap an app’s name to adjust its Location Services setting. (In this example, we've tapped Google Maps.) To prevent individual apps from knowing where you are, switch the Allow Location Access setting to Never. Apps with location permissions enabled will either always use Location Services or only use them while you’re using that specific app.

The Location Services will tell you while also providing an explanation of what kind of location data the app is accessing. (In this example, Google Maps uses your location for search, directions and navigation, but other instances include finding nearby movie showtimes when you’re running the IMDB app or tagging your photos with location data with the Camera app).

4. From the main Location Services screen, tap System Services, found at the bottom of your list of installed apps.This is where you can control whether various system-level features — such as Find My iPhone — can get your phone’s location. Scroll down and take a look at the options listed here, and toggle these settings as you see fit.

You'll also see little triangles that show you when apps and services are accessing location. A purple triangle means that your location was accessed recently, while a gray one will appear when an app or service has used your location in the last day. You'll see the outline of a location services icon for anything using a geofence, or a virtual perimeter around a location that signals when you've arrived or left. (Think Reminders, which can trigger a reminder based on when you leave a specific place like your home or office.)

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