How to Turn Off a Roku 3

As a Roku 3 owner, you may find yourself stumped when you look for the off switch. That's because there isn't one. Roku says it left out the off button to make it easy to install updates when you're not using the device. The little black box also uses little power when in standby mode—about the same amount as a nightlight, the company says — so there's not much call for a complete shutdown.

Without an off switch, the only way to turn off your Roku 3 is to unplug it.

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But there are times when you want to restart the device — like if it freezes — and unplugging it isn't always the easiest option. Here’s how to restart your Roku 3 with your remote:

1. Grab your remote.

2. Press the Home button five times.

3. Press the up arrow once.

4. Press the rewind button twice.

5. Press the fast forward button twice.

After you finish this key combination, you’ll see the screen scroll up and then go blank. The device is restarting. In a minute you’ll see the Roku start-up screen and soon you’ll be back to watching.

Michael Gowan
Freelance tech writer

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  • DarkSable
    So, that would be...U U D D L R L R B A? ;)
  • LePhuronn
    And will a frozen Roku respond to input from the remote?
  • The Black Laser
    I've always been partial to:1. Get up.2. Walk over to the Roku.3. Unplug it.4. Plug it back in.It's a much easier to remember sequence.
  • jakjawagon
    Article title does not match content. Restart does not equal turn off.
  • tobalaz
    So, that would be...U U D D L R L R B A? ;)
    lol!First thing I thought was, with all that, why not just use the Konami code?
  • caemin
    Seriously??? Who would ever try to remember that? What's wrong with getting up and unplugging the darn thing and plugging it back in?
  • okibrian
    Right, so get up, unplug it and plug it back in. Got it!
  • Gary Brandon
    Just looked at a pic of one online. The power cord isn't permanently attached to the device, so you don't have to unplug it at the wall (or hopefully, at the surge protector you should have). Just get up, walk to where you're pointing your wannaBiiMote at, and unplug the cable on the back of the Roku that *isn't* HDMI or network. Lots easier than trying to remember a knock-off Konami code... Useless article.
  • thechief73
    Just to put it out there, FWIW. At least for the Roku 2 XS there are other "Konami code" type key presses to access other feature/options/menus on Roku's.How much power does every Roku ever sold consume everyday while in this stand-by mode? I am guessing it amounts to something. How can people be so careless? Nice article, cough..adver..cough..tisement though Tom's.
  • danwat1234
    "The little black box also uses little power when in standby mode—about the same amount as a nightlight, the company says"An incandescent night light or an LED night light? Incandescent takes about 4 watts, which is a fair bit of vampire power for doing nothing useful. If I remember right, the "Energy Star Certified" people want standby power to be at 1 watt or less.