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Transit Watch as Confusing as NY Subway

Say what you will about Tokyoflash Japan, you can never get tired of their unconventional designs. Sure, you might end up certifiably insane, but bored you sure won't be.

The latest entry from the crazy Japanese watch company comes to us from their "luxury" Kisai line. That's right, folks, the very line that produced such mind-bending horrors like the Wasted and the RPM. It's called the Kisai Transit.  Boy does it stay true to form.

Just like any standard Kisai watch, you have to press a button to activate the madness. This activates the LEDs, highlighting a zigzagging network of lines that about as confusing as the New York Subway system, at least to those not native to New York. Specifically-colored lines blink to indicate the time, and with a little practice and some mind-altering substances, you're on your way to telling time at a glance.

Speaking of which, is it a quarter past F-train already?

[source: Tokyoflash Japan]