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This Weird LED Lamp Displays 3D Emojis

Every once in awhile, you come across a product that makes you wonder why no one has ever thought of doing it before. Today, however, I'm simply wondering, "Why?" Electronics maker Spin-R is launching an Indiegogo campaign for its $200 Tittle Light LED lamp (titillate, get it?). It's a modern-day strobe light that can tell others exactly how you're feeling via emojis.

Through a companion app for iOS, Android and on the Web, you can set the Tittle Light cube to display the time a music visualizer (that synchronizes with surrounding music or sounds), 3D animated emojis or your own animations painted in the app. The Tittle Light also performs more traditional functions such as being a regular lamp (you can pick the color and intensity) or mood lighting.

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If the product video is to be believed, the Tittle Light will be the center of attention at your future house parties, drawing your friends to dance around it entranced by the pulsing lights. In the company's promo video, emojis and time did not look very clear when displayed on the light, but I imagine the 3D graphics would be more visible in person from various angles. 

The Tittle Light features 512 LED light bulbs housed in an aluminum and smoky glass case to prevent glare, and has a microphone for the music synchronization. It is Wi-Fi-capable, and keeps time with a built-in quartz chip. 

You could probably get a few laughs at your next gathering displaying a throwing-up emoji at something your friend said or setting the Tittle to pulse to your music. Plus, even after the novelty wears off, it still functions as a lamp.

The Tittle Light is available via the company's Indiegogo campaign, which aims to raise $30,000.